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2 Welcome to PSLA What is PSLA? PSLA is the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association, a volunteer based organization that serves the school librarians in Pennsylvania in many ways.

3 About PSLA The PSLA's Mission: The mission of the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association is to enable every student to effectively pursue information and develop ideas as they construct and share knowledge through independent and class-based explorations in excellent school library programs. Professional development for school librarians will facilitate student learning and ensure access to information for all. Our ultimate goal is to develop competent, confident, and inquisitive learners.

4 PSLA’s Vision The Pennsylvania School Librarians Association will: Promote inquiry-based learning for students to ethically and effectively navigate evolving information to successfully complete tasks vital to college, career, and life. Promote collaboration between school librarians and all other advocates of learning in our schools and communities. Promote the application of best practices in school librarianship. Promote the highest standards of professional integrity and service. Promote information literacy, the love of reading, and the commitment to lifelong learning.

5 How does PSLA Meet its Goals? Workshops and Training Annual Conference Advocacy Legislation Regional Groups Awards Learning and Media E-mail, Blogs, Wikis Supporting one another Website And more…..

6 What does the PSLA Students Committee do? We are a group of PSLA members who work to help student members of the organization. Our goal is to help library and information science students and future librarians in Pennsylvania to make the most of the PSLA organization and conference and succeed in their future careers.

7 What does the PSLA Students Committee do? Create, maintain and support Student Chapters Offer student related sessions at the PSLA Annual Conference including: “Conference 101” and “Who? Me” The New Librarian?!” Administer the Outstanding Student Librarian Award Maintain the PSLA Students Website including job board Prepare students for the upcoming conference and their upcoming careers as school librarians Help students find jobs in Pennsylvania

8 PSLA Also Offers: iConnect to PSLA  Mentoring program for first year librarians  Pilot program during the 10-11 school year  Open to everyone in the fall of 2011  E-Mentoring Program………almost entirely online!

9 PSLA Student Chapters Comprised of PSLA Student Members Have an approved constitution Meet at least twice a year Maintain electronic communication between members and the PSLA Organization  PSLA will send you e-mail newsletters  PSLA will keep you up to date with any new developments in the organization and profession Work together to help each other become great school librarians

10 What can PSLA Student Chapters Do? #1. HELP ONE ANOTHER. Offer meetings and workshops to help student members: Portfolio Workshops, electronic and paper Student Teaching Support—social gathering to discuss what is going well and what challenges you are facing Book discussion- what are the best books for different levels? New Technology- share your favorite new pieces of software and technology for yourself and your future students More!

11 What do Student Chapters do? #2. Invite Guest Speakers in. Guest speakers do not have to be the biggest and the best, they just have to be someone who can help YOU: PSLA Leadership PSLA Trainers Access PA Trainers Leaders in the School Library Field Alumni Professors to speak on specific topics STUDENTS!

12 What do Student Chapters do? #3. Discuss current topics. As members of PSLA you will receive our quarterly journal Learning and Media, but you should also strive to read other professional journals and subscribe to other list-servs and online newsletters. Discuss what you read. Consider creating an online blog that everyone contributes to. On the PSLA Students Site you can find links to similar blogs, many list-servs and online newsletters.

13 What do Student Chapters do? #4. Contribute to PSLA. Think not what PSLA can do for you, but what you can do for PSLA. Student members are valuable members and we want to hear and see you participating in the organization: Keep in contact with the Students Committee, we want to hear your suggestions and feedback Attend the PSLA Conference Strive to be an outstanding student librarian and then apply for the Outstanding Student Librarian Award Let us know what else we can do for you or what we can HELP you do for the profession!


15 Become a RSO Clarion University guidelines state that you need: 1. At least 7 student members 2. A faculty/staff member serve as advisor 3. "A group of Clarion University students interested in forming a new student organization can initiate the recognition process by scheduling a meeting with the designee of the Office of Campus Life (OCL). At this meeting, the group will be given the Recognition Packet and will discuss the new organization’s purpose, future constitution, and the group’s rights & responsibilities." 4. Following the meeting, the members of the potential student organization will complete the Application for Recognition and submit it, along with a letter stating the students’ intent and rational for forming the new organization and the group’s constitution, to the OCL. 5. Upon recognition, the newly approved organization will be required to hold at least one (1) campus event open to the entire university community within three months that meets all criteria established by the Rules & Regulations Committee.

16 Maintaining a RSO Clarion University guidelines state that you must: 1. At the beginning of each academic year, all RSOs must submit the organizational paperwork (Officer & Advisor Confirmation Form and updated roster) to the OCL within thirty (30) days of the first day of class. The Officer & Advisor confirmation form must also be submitted immediately after new officers are elected or a new advisor is selected. 2. All RSOs must have at least one meeting every semester. a. Members of Clarion University’s Student Senate may make unannounced visits to organizational meetings to verify organizational activity and compliance with the membership policies. b. All RSOs that start with N-Z must submit their organizations constitution, or bi laws, every year ending in an even number. The constitution, or bi laws, must be handed in within the first 30 days of the first day of class to the Office of Campus Life with the organizational paperwork. 3. All RSOs are required to have a representative at a majority of the president and advisor roundtable meetings organized by the Office of Campus Life each academic year. 4. All RSOs are required to check their mailboxes, located in the Gemmell Student Complex, on a regular basis.

17 Becoming a PSLA Student Chapter PSLA Guidelines state that you need: At least 25% of student chapter members must also be members of PSLA, at the discounted student rate Student Chapter must have an approved constitution and bylaws Student Chapter must meet at least twice a year Student Chapter must maintain electronic communication between members and the PSLA Organization Student chapter should have elected officials; especially a president, secretary and treasurer Student chapter must have an official university contact (faculty or staff member)

18 Maintaining a PSLA Student Chapter PSLA Guidelines state that you must:  Student chapters should strive to provide their members with valuable content  Members of student chapters should strive to attend the PSLA Annual conference  Student chapters must present an annual report to the PSLA Students Committee. The annual report shall include the list of officers with their addresses and terms of office stated, affirmation of 25% personal membership in PSLA, calendar of events or other information to document the organization’s continuing eligibility as an affiliate.  Provide a copy of the organization’s constitution and/or bylaws if amended to the PSLA Students Committee chair.  Allow time during membership meetings and/or programs for disseminating PSLA and other relevant information.  Provide PSLA with additional information as needed to facilitate two- way communication.

19 Action Needed Discuss and Vote: Do you WANT to create a PSLA Student Chapter? Apply to become a Clarion University RSO Complete PSLA Application to become a PSLA Student Chapter Each student should apply to become a PSLA Student Member Make sure to sign-in today and include your e-mail address to join the list-serv and receive e-mails and newseltters


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