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Volunteers Volunteers… are essential to provide support during planning, execution, and evaluation of an event are direct representatives of SHPE and.

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2 Volunteers

3 Volunteers… are essential to provide support during planning, execution, and evaluation of an event are direct representatives of SHPE and your affiliated university or company fulfill individual responsibilities to directly contribute to the overall success of an event or program hone leadership and professional skills through their volunteer role

4 Tell me about a time when… Volunteers did a great job Volunteers could have done better

5 When volunteers are rock stars… Deadlines/timelines are met Budgets stay on track Communication is clear Organization is high and event/program is cohesive Each person’s workload/responsibilities remain manageable Outside parties respect your organization and are eager to partner

6 When volunteers drop the ball…. Timelines and expectations change Expenses may exceed the budget Last minute decisions are made, communication is poor Event or program becomes unorganized Volunteers’ workload and responsibilities shift, some may have to ‘pick up the slack’ Your organization seems unreliable and organizations may be hesitant to partner with you

7 When Recruiting Volunteers for an Event/Program Identify volunteer roles/responsibilities prior to implementation Clarify roles and expectations at the start Share volunteer’s contact information Hold regular meet-ups to discuss progress, updates, and any barriers Recognize contributions Have volunteers provide best practices/tips and transfer information for future

8 Funding

9 SHPE Chapters can seek funding through… Educational institutions Local businesses/corporations Fundraising activities SHPE Foundation grants

10 Noche de Ciencias Funding Noche Funds (up to $500) Noche in a Box Curriculum (Student and Parent) Webinar Trainings Staff Support Fall Noches: Oct. 1, 2014 – Dec. 15, 2015 (Application period: Aug. 1, 2014 – Sept. 15, 2014) Spring Noches : Jan. 14, 2015 – Apr. 15, 2015 (Application period: Nov. 11, 2014 – Dec. 15, 2014)

11 SHPE Jr. Chapter Funding SHPE Jr. Chapter Funds (Up to $200) SHPE Jr. Chapter Representative Stipend (Up to $300) SHPE Jr. Chapter Advisor Stipend (Up to $300) Monthly Curriculum for Meetings Staff Support for Charter Application Process Applications accepted Aug. 1, 2014 – Feb. 28, 2015

12 ACE Mini Grants Grant Funds for K-12 Outreach Activities Staff Support

13 Submit proposal to Follow outlined instructions to complete proposal with proper spelling and formatting Coordinate with SHPE Chapter and participating schools/target population to identify event/program details such as date and location Read entire proposal to be aware of funding levels, reporting requirements, due dates, and roles/responsibilities Coordinate with SHPE Chapter to determine what funding you will apply to

14 Marketing

15 Properly marketing your event and reaching your target audience will provide a return on investment on your SHPE Chapter’s outreach efforts Time Resources Money

16 Partnerships If working with a school, reach out to existing organizations/clubs (Robotics Club, Math Team, etc.) Share information with Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Work closely with school to promote via website, school announcements, emails to STEM teachers

17 Partnerships If event is at school site and they permit, contact surrounding schools Connect with organizations within your university or professional network to request they announce the details of your event/program to their contacts

18 On-site Marketing Past events have shown that promoting from a distance and relying on the school to market your event does not work Visit STEM related classrooms to let students know of your event/program (see if teacher allows extra credit to attendees) Set up an information/registration table to recruit students during lunch and include registration sheet with phone number and/or email to conduct a follow up and reminder prior to the event. You may add that the first 100 registered attendees will be registered for a drawing to be held at the event

19 Distribute event/program flyers in English & Spanish Contact local media with the Noche de Ciencias Press Release (radio, print, TV, online publications) Send sample invitation letter to local organizations, community centers, and companies to spread the word of your event/program Visit website of participating school(s) to obtain contact information of the STEM teachers

20 Drawing for giveaways (if applicable) Event is free and open to all interested students Free food provided Free bilingual scholarship and college workshops will be provided along with handouts Interactive STEM activities Get to meet college students and STEM professional Remember to recognize sponsors/funders

21 Real-life Application

22 Review Noche de Ciencias Proposal for Funding Coordinate with SHPE Chapter and target school to determine date and location Submit proposal to SHPE Foundation Once approved, review Noche de Ciencias Implementation Plan Create Noche de Ciencias Committee, identify Noche lead Noche Lead to assign volunteer positions to SHPE Chapter members Noche Lead and volunteers attend webinar trainings After receiving Noche in a Box (if applicable) Lead and Volunteers review contents Volunteers fulfill responsibilities (i.e – marketing, treasurer, etc.) Event is implemented SHPE Chapter holds post-event meeting to discuss outcome Reporting is completed and submitted to SHPE Foundation We serve as a resource to support YOU! Communicate any date, location, school changes, or highlights to SHPE Foundation

23 Want to Come to Our Noche?

24 Your small SHPE Chapter (10 members) will be hosting a Noche de Ciencias at City High School. Take 5 minutes to discuss in your SHPE Chapter how will you market and promote the event to reach a minimum of 100 students/parents?

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