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The Ryan Medical Centre Patient Questionnaire Action Plan 2015.

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1 The Ryan Medical Centre Patient Questionnaire Action Plan 2015

2  Our Patient Reference Group act as your representatives to look at how we can improve the practice for everyone  Earlier in the year met and looked at the results of the Patient Questionnaire  We reviewed the results and have put together an ‘Action Plan’ for areas or priority for the coming year Patient reference group

3  The group thought that telephones are busy in all practices throughout the country  There have already been a number of changes to the system. We discussed the possibility of having a dedicated line for appointments only between 8.00 – 10.00am  We are therefore going to explore if this is something that can be done on our current telephone equipment. Patients find the telephone lines busy in the mornings.

4  Whilst the uptake of our online prescription ordering is very popular the questionnaire demonstrates that some people are reluctant to use it  There was a feeling form the group that patients may feel that it will be too complicated  Therefore we will put onto the practice website a demonstration of screen shots of how to order your repeat prescription online Some people are reluctant to order prescriptions online

5  The online appointment booking facility has been running for over a year now and has been popular  Only a small number of appointments are available at the moment and these still do not all get booked  We will therefore look at more ways of advertising online appointment booking and making the current advertising more prominent  We will also release a few additional online appointment at 6.00pm each evening for the next day There are still a number of patients that are unaware on online appointment booking

6  A high proportion of people who completed the questionnaire said they would be interested in receiving a text reminder for their appointment  We were wary of releasing this facility automatically to everyone as some families share mobile phones  We will therefore advertise this service and commence the service for patients who have confirmed they are happy for us to do this Text message reminders for appointments

7  It is often quite difficult to encourage people to complete the annual survey as they are in a hurry or don’t have their glasses with them  Posting the survey out in previous years in not only costly but does not guarantee a better response.  Therefore next year we will offer the facility for patients to complete the survey on our website. Survey Uptake

8  Encourage new members of our Patient Participation Group  Look at using our website for more date collection from patients  Look at increasing further the medical record details that are available to patients online In addition to the above we also intend to

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