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Travelocity Build a Trusting Relationship with Customers Networks.

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1 Travelocity Build a Trusting Relationship with Customers Networks

2 Travelocity strives to give its customers the information they need to make the most educated shopping and buying decisions possible. Travelocity has private marketing agreements with many travel companies, under which Travelocity agrees to do special promotions, e-mail campaigns, advertising, sweepstakes and other marketing initiatives. Travelocity's agreements with travel companies are designed to help travel companies compete against one another for consumers' business. The effect of this healthy competition - compounded with the value that Travelocity provides through its volume - results in lower prices for consumers. Web site at About Travelocity

3 Travelocity pioneered the online travel space and continues to be the most popular travel service on the Web, giving consumers access to hundreds of airlines, thousands of hotels and cruise, last-minute and vacations packages, and best-in-class car rental companies, all backed by 1,000 customer service representatives staffed to provide 24-hour assistance. With 41 million members, Travelocity is the sixth largest travel agency in the United States. It has been recognized worldwide for its leadership in the online travel space, and it operates or powers Web sites in five languages across four continents. About Travelocity

4 The Big Picture Australia New Zealand Hong Kong Singapore Korea Taiwan India ASSETS & WEBSITES

5 Market Segments Travelocity understands that no matter where their customers are geographically, all its customers are price sensitive

6 The loyalty program provides Travelocity with valuable consumer data that helps indentify new areas of innovation that its customers would value. Travelocity gives its most loyal customers automatic access to a range of perks minus the fine print and red tape of traditional loyalty programs. Networks

7 Trust is a process Travelocity customers feel confident buying travel products and services from a brand they trust.

8 Travelocity’s Competitive Response

9 "As we strive to provide our customers with amazing travel experiences, we are also committed to thanking and rewarding our most loyal customers,” ~ Jeffrey Glueck, Chief Marketing Officer Customers who make multiple qualified bookings automatically become VIP's, with no sign-up or initiation fees required, & it could take as little as two transactions on Travelocity to become a VIP since some single reservations may count as two or three qualified bookings.

10 VIP status gives top customers: A dedicated customer service 800-line staffed by seasoned agents specifically educated in VIP benefits VIPs will earn even more Travelocity Points on Travelocity Purchases including 3 Travelocity Points for every $1 spent on Flight + Hotel packages, flights, hotels, Last Minute Packages when they apply and are approved for the Travelocity MasterCard Advance notice of sales and special VIP-only promotions Travel perks such as airport shuttle and car rental discounts Everyday exclusive discounts on hotels, vacation packages and last minute deals

11 Travelocity Preferred Program Preferred Make 5 or more bookings in a 12-month period 15% savings at 4,000 nationwide resturants be purchased for $29 Preferred Elite 10 bookings must be made within a year 5% cash back on certain specialty marked fares be purchased for $79 Valuable travel benefits and services are offered in the program such as discounts on car rentals, access to airline club lounges at airports across the world, access to a personal concierge service and much more.

12 Current Proposal Strategy Strong Benefits do not hurt bottom line Customer must spend more money with company or partners to receive any benefits Fee revenue is collected even if customer does not collect benefits Weak To attain a credit card to collect points, the consumer must be credit- worthy Not all benefits appeal to large customer base Not enough automation

13 E-marketing Strategy “Combining Travelocity’s superior technology, excellent customer service and competitive pricing with Maritz’ depth of experience in loyalty programs and knowledge from working with more than 100 million loyalty program members, has helped us create a superior, seamless offering,” “This alliance also allows us to expand on the customer value we deliver for our clients,” ~Rich Phillips, president, Maritz Loyalty Marketing Most recently Travelocity announced an alliance with Maritz Loyalty Marketing to continue bringing the best value to its loyal customer base

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