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Great Western Travel Club Foundation Mission, Vision, Values. Rewarding donor loyalty while creating a new revenue stream.

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1 Great Western Travel Club Foundation Mission, Vision, Values. Rewarding donor loyalty while creating a new revenue stream

2 Who are we? Great Western (GW) Travel Club Washington State Non-Profit Corporation. 501C3 application submitted Not for profit that supports other Not for Profits in their fundraising goals. A Travel Club that offers Travel as a fundraising tool for other charities to raise money. On going fundraising method and recruitment tool for Not for Profits. A accredited Travel Agency with locations across the U.S

3 Our Mission create a Win+Win+Win Program Creating a win for Non Profits and Charities and their donors. Creating a win for donors by offering them a discounted vacation experience while making a donation in their name. Creating a win for Non Profits and Charities by adding a new fundraising revenue stream Creating a win by putting good people back to work.

4 Vision Become the “Expedia” for Not for Profits Help NP’s create a new revenue stream to support their causes. Reward NP supporters with vacation options only available through their Travel Club. Put people back to work selling travel to NP’s and supporting the organization. Have offices in every state supporting thousands of NP’s throughout the USA and Canada.

5 Reinventing the Travel Agency Opportunity is made by creating something new or remaking something that exists and improving it. Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc. reinvented the Travel Agency online and are very successful businesses. GW Travel for Charity. Cruise for a Cause will be the next reinvention of the Travel Agency We are reinventing the Travel Agency to be: – Philanthropic – 100% virtual – Customer service driven – Personal interaction

6 How can a vacation increase fundraising? Vacations can sometimes be hard to justify. With our program we can offer access to higher quality vacations for the same dollars or less. Further we can provide the feel good component in the form of a donation in the travelers name to the charity. Same dollars, same behaviors… much better results. Our Tag Line: Travel for Charity. Cruise for a Cause.

7 Non Profits and Charities Travel Club Offering donors participation in the Non Profits/ Charities Travel Club gives them special discounts not available to the general public and a donation for every trip booked. Non Profits/ Charities are giving something of value back for their loyalty creating happy donors and happy donors are loyal donors. For every trip taken though the “Club” a donation is made to travelers Non Profit/Charity in the travelers name. Dedicated webpage for Non Profits and Charities.

8 GW Travel Club is marketed and branded as the charities Travel Club Example: Canine Companions

9 Travel for Charity & Cruise for a Cause! Donors don’t have to feel guilty about choosing to donate or take a personal vacation. Now they can do both and feel good about it because every trip they book a donation is made to their Non Profit/ Charity.

10 Fact Donors of NP’s are vacationing all the time and charities are not getting any revenue or recognition. Offering a Vacation Club to donors gives them back something for their donations and puts the NP organization in front of them with special offers throughout the year. It is easier to ask for something (donations) when you give something (vacations)

11 Vacation Options for NP donors. Full scale travel agency that can book trips anywhere in the world. Cruises Car Rentals Hotel stays Luxury resorts and villa’s throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Timeshare partner inventory. Monthly specials and promotions just for NP Members.

12 386,000 Non Profits in US Average American is associated with and supports at least one Not for Profit NP memberships range from hundreds of supporters to millions GW Travel Club markets to the NP’s as a fundraising option. GW clients are the NP’s members and donors GW Creates the tools for the NP to market travel specials to their base The NP gets a donation equal to 20% to 25% of the commission, plus any additional donation by the donor or travel partner.

13 Vacation “booked” sample Financial breakdown Los Cabos, Golf,Grand Mayan Resort, 1 BED, 4 people = $2,000 rate is $2,681.69 Savings =26% or $681.69 savings for your donor. Donation =$80 from GW $100 from Donor = $180

14 The donor benefit A vacation experience with discounts up to 70% off retail rates. Special group Cruises for your donors From an Avis car rental to Westin hotel night or luxury cruise or golf vacation a donation is made. NOT a contest with one winner but everyone wins 365 days a year.

15 Timeshare Industry Partnership Become the repository for unused Timeshare weeks by allowing Timeshare owners to donate their week to GW in exchange for a tax right off. There are thousands of unused Timeshare weeks going to waste each year. GW will become the main repository and use these weeks for our NP partners fundraising goals by: Using the vacations in donor auctions Using them as raffle prizes Re-selling them as vacation packages Every GW NP partner will get a vacation package to use as a featured fundraiser.

16 Cruise Line Partnerships – Partner with cruise lines to make cabin donations for Non-Profit group cruises. – Every Non-profit partner we propose two group cruises a year. – Regardless of group size we make a donation of 20% to 25% of GW’s commission. – We book any and all cruise lines but our non- profit partners to date are NCL, Royal Caribbean, Azamara and Celebrity. – We welcome more cruise line partners that support non-profit charities.

17 Typical Donor Bios All of our charities have very diverse donor/member bases but they all have usual statistics: 6 figure & higher income levels Advanced education levels Travel often (at least 2 weeks vacation) Participates in the charities activities Passionate and loyal to the charity and its supporters/partners.

18 The marketing campaign NP partner markets their club to their database through their channels. GW creates the creative and travel specials for the NP to promote. GW has no marketing cost except website and online marketing creative. GW utilizes travel partner marketing promotions for our NP Partners

19 Donations..where, when, how Donation made on everything booked through the travel agency or club paid quarterly. Donations will range from a low of 20% commission to 25% commission on volume. Cruise partners donate $50 to $100 per cabin booked. Time Share weeks donated for auctions and raffles.

20 Thank you – For your time and interest in Great Western Travel Clubs

21 Questions We want to hear from you. Sean Kearns, President GW Travel Enterprises

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