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Confidential 2008 Roadmap. confidential 2008 Solution Roadmap Main Themes The ChallengeOur Approach Actionable Analytics Non effective data analysis with.

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1 confidential 2008 Roadmap

2 confidential 2008 Solution Roadmap Main Themes The ChallengeOur Approach Actionable Analytics Non effective data analysis with no attached action Surface the insight Clear action Creative Ecosystem Lead time Team dependencies Innovation Effective production Knowledge sharing Connected Flow Customization Differentiation Focus Modular system API

3 confidential Channel Connect for Mobile Features – Mimics the existing online environment of creating advertising campaigns – Create, deliver and track mobile banners from Eyeblaster ACM Benefits – Real time impressions, uniques and clicks – Post campaign detailed analysis for clear ROI – Efficiency in handling various mobile publishers – Cross-channel integrated reporting – Flexibility to change creatives in runtime – Optimization of mobile creatives Agency Side Interface for WAP

4 confidential Widgets Features – Easy download of ad element to user page – Sponsor template widgets – Track downloads and distribution – Track widgets interaction Benefits – Go viral on social networking sites – Increase awareness and loyalty – Tighter relationship between brand and consumer – Engage Audiences Click for Visuals

5 confidential Integrate a widget in a campaign Share this movie with your friends Rich media ads are served as part of a campaignA widget element can be posted from the ads to any of the social networks and be shared among friends Analytics combine distribution and rich media measurements from the campaign and from the widget

6 confidential Global Campaign Management Features – Centralized campaign monitoring – Consolidated Analytics – Integrated Creative Process – Flexible Campaign Segmentation Benefits – Run large scale campaigns by engaging multiple ad agencies across multiple territories – Effectively manage campaigns across multiple territories and creative shops – Creative Shops empowered to integrally collaborate to localize creative GC A GC B GC C Master Campaign

7 confidential Creative Zone Features – Ad Gallery – Community (Forum, Blog) – Resource Library Benefits – Knowledge & Insights – Inspiration from around the world

8 confidential Creative Workshop for Adobe Flash V1 Features – In Flash functionality – Code free ad creation – Local preview – Upload fully functioning ad Benefits – Intuitive, easy to use – What you see is what you serve – create the real thing from the very beginning

9 confidential Creative Workshop for Adobe Flash V2 Features – Shared preview – Bundle resource assets – Upload from Flash – Automatic custom interactions – Automatic video packages – EB HD Video Benefits – Video impact – Collaborative environment – Easy creative approval – Additional creative freedom

10 confidential Channel Connect for In-Stream Video Features – Brightcove companion integration – Automatic encoding – Overlay format - TBD

11 confidential ACM: Ad Serving Features – Revolutionary process- oriented online interface – Full agency control – Creative synchronization – Automatic screen-grabs – Media plan optimization Benefits – Ease of use – reduce learning curve – Smooth campaign setup process – Increased efficiency

12 confidential Channel Connect for Search Features – Integrate with any bid management tool – De duplication – View search and display integrated reports Benefits – Use the best bid management tool – Optimize search and display campaigns – Assign the true value to search and display

13 confidential Campaign Monitor V1 Features – Real time monitoring of campaigns – Surface key performance indicators – Easy response from interface Benefits – Real time monitoring overview – Immediately identify bottlenecks – Easy access to required action – Get Key performance indicators in a snap

14 confidential Analytics V2 Campaign Monitor Features – Desk top monitor – User alerts – Adjustable key performance indicators (KPI) Benefits – Always on top of performances – Monitor your KPI Online Features – Actionable reports view – Graphic representation – Easy power point generation – Accessible benchmark – Set of new reports Benefits – Get the insight and act on it – Reduce busy work and focus on added value

15 confidential ACM: Planning & Buying Features – Online booking (IO management) and Electronic signing – Modular structure – Online communication – Billing integration Benefits – Time saving (reduce human labor) – Process flexibility – Online IO repository – Improve synchronization with publishers

16 confidential Video Optimization / Service Benefits – High quality video encoding – Production/post production partnerships – HD Encoding

17 confidential Mobile Creative Benefits – Adjust creative size and format to mobile environment – Create optimize creative for mobile – Coordinate between participating partners

18 confidential Excel Upload Features – Customizable excel template – Fully editable media plan – Validation from Excel – Flexible online mismatch resolution Benefits – Easily traffic large media plans – Personalized naming convension

19 confidential Premium Creative - Targeting Benefits – Behavioral sequencing cross publishers – Geo targeting – Dynamic data and targeting

20 confidential Premium Creative – Dynamic Data Feed Benefits – Dynamic data custom infrastructures – Interfaces for data updates – Integration with Advertiser repository and CMS – Dynamic data optimization

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