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February 2008 Professional Services. Agenda Professional Services Overview Data Services Overview Production Services Overview Summary.

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1 February 2008 Professional Services

2 Agenda Professional Services Overview Data Services Overview Production Services Overview Summary

3 Professional Services Overview Our objective is to enhance and complement Eyeblaster offering and products by delivering full spectrum of service modules and superior consulting services Our offering includes both a variety of packaged services in the areas of Creative, Data and Production support, together with the ability to deliver custom solutions to address unique clients’ needs

4 Data Services - Campaign Analysis About the service  Offers insights and a richer look into campaigns performance across its different aspects  Highlights the key performance indicators comparing the relevant vertical benchmarks What do we offer  In-depth analysis of a specified theme including analysis of delivery, unique and frequency, publishers overlap and creative data.  The analysis can be offered on a periodical basis as well as for a specific campaign Data is Power - Let us Analyze it for You!

5 Data Services - Campaign Analysis

6 Data Services – Custom Reports About the service  A complementary service to Eyeblaster Modules (Plug-in for Excel, Online Analytics)  A custom report can be created in cases when the client biz is unique and needs complex reporting capabilities to measure performance What do we offer  Ability to define your own data structure, format etc…  Eyeblaster Professional Services creates it for you  Report available just one click away (Analytics) or sent via email… Tailor Your Own Report = Custom Reporting Service Module

7 Data Services – Custom Reports Tailor your own report – define your data structure Tailor your own report – define your required format You can define your own filtering options Your list of custom reports will be available on-line

8 Data Services – Data Feed About the service  Export the client Eyeblaster’s data into its premises  Enables the client to further analyze the campaigns data by exporting raw data from ACM DWH into client’s internal analysis system What do we offer  An automatic mechanism to export data from ACM DWH to customer’s database based predefined settings  On-going monitoring to ensure feed transmission Further analyzes your data @ home – Use Data Feed Service

9 Data Services – Integration with 3 rd Party Systems About the service  Achieve data integration with 3 rd part system to automate processes and achieve holistic view and operations What do we offer  Integration with other 3 rd party systems such as web analytics tools, billing systems etc.  Formal project methodology to evaluate, architect, implement and support the unique client needs Connecting your Eyeblaster Data with your Business

10 Production Services - Ad QA About the service  Reducing publisher rejection  Ensuring Ads are functioning correctly  Expediting the creative production process  Focused and detailed training for the Creative developers What do we offer  Systematic approach of testing the creative assets, ad’s definition in ACM  Output includes detailed report with clear instructions how to fix identified problems plus recommendations on other features that might be considered to use Increasing your campaigns’ quality and Creative designers satisfaction

11 Production Services - Creative Service About the service  Offering different levels of Creative solutions What do we offer  “from scratch” creative creation  Make existing Creative “ad ready”  Innovative creative solutions (e.g. social networks ad) Need Creative and product specialties – Use Creative Services

12 Production Services - Video Optimization - TBD About the service  Assist in creating high quality video Ads What do we offer  Encoding from various formats into flash formats  Encoding from non-digital into digital formats, video editing, etc.  Video editing and optimization TBDTBD

13 Production Services - In-Game 1 st level Support About the service  Game Pre-Launch support – from Game integration with Eyeblaster SDK until Game ready to deliver campaigns What do we offer  Technical Support for SDK integration  Game QA to test the integration  Direct support to partners (developers, publishers, distributers) Utilize our product and technical expertise to support SDK integration

14 About the service  Support Account Management activities What do we offer  Trafficking  Assets upload  Campaign monitoring Production Services - Campaign Operation Support Available to address your campaign management needs

15 Summary For more information on Professional Services contact:  Ran Zfoni - PS Director  Tal Goori - Data Services Manager  Hila Moris - Production Services Manager Professional Services rate card is available

16 Thank You

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