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The 21 st Century Begins 2001 - Present Chapter 32.

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1 The 21 st Century Begins 2001 - Present Chapter 32

2 Terrorism in the United States

3 What is terrorism? Terrorism Planned violence by individuals or groups against civilians for political reasons. What might be a political reason? What are some examples of terrorism?

4 Goal of Terrorism: Frighten people and leaders to achieve a goal. Terrorists have demands and goals they wish to achieve through committing terrorist acts.

5 Terrorists There are many different types of terrorists and they are typically defined according to their goals. National Terrorist – wants to change the government or create their own nation. Religious Terrorist – wants to force people to follow their religious beliefs. Environmental Terrorists – want to bring attention to the destruction of the environment.

6 A brand new housing development is burned. This is an example of which type of terrorism?

7 A Palestinian Terrorist wants the creation of his/her own country. What type of terrorist is this?

8 Osama bin Laden, leader of Al-Qaeda (the group responsible for the attacks of 9-11), wants to restore original (fundamental) Islamic traditions and customs. What type of terrorism is this?

9 President George W. Bush Began as President in 2001 What did he do before becoming President? Governor of Texas What political party did George Bush belong to? Republican Party

10 September 11, 2001 “ 9-11 ” or “ nine-eleven ” Four planes hijacked by Al-Qaeda Terrorists Washington D.C. – The Pentagon New York City – The World Trade Center Shanksville, PA – Flight 93 Crash site. Intended target for Flight 93 unknown – most likely the White House or the Capitol Building. Al-Qaeda A religious terrorist group behind the attacks of 9-11. Hijack – to steal or occupy a vehicle by force

11 Attacks on New York City (9-11)

12 Attacks on New York City 9-11-01

13 Attack on the Pentagon Washington, D.C. (9-11)

14 Aerial view of the Pentagon Reconstruction following 9-11

15 Flight 93 Shanksville, PA Flight path (left) Crash site (right)

16 Osama bin Laden Leader of Al-Qaeda

17 Death Toll of “ 9-11 ” World Trade Center (New York City) 2,800 people died Pentagon (Washington, D.C. 189 people died Flight 93 (Shanksville, PA) 40 people died

18 Patriotism Patriotism – Pride in one ’ s country

19 “ The War on Terrorism ” Goal: To protect the nation from future terrorist attacks. In order to protect the U.S. from terrorism, George W. Bush created: The Department of Homeland Security The Patriot Act

20 What did it do? Gave the U.S. new powers to fight terrorism. How did it do it? Allowed the government to: Get court approval to secretly search the homes, businesses, and personal property without showing a search warrant. What is a search warrant? What concerns might this raise for the privacy of non- terrorists? Full Name: Uniting and Strengthening America by “ Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism ” Act of 2001 = “ PATRIOT ”

21 The Department of Homeland Security What does it do? Helps Federal Agencies work together Extended more federal control over air and sea ports of the United States. What is an example of a Federal Agency?

22 Reasons Behind “ 9-11 ” Purpose behind the targets: Served as symbols of U.S. political, military, and economic power. What did the terrorists want? 1) Wanted the U.S. to remove troops from the Middle East 2) Wanted the U.S. to stop supporting Israel 3) Wanted to stop the U.S. influence on the traditional ways of life in the Middle East. 4) Wanted to prove that the U.S. was vulnerable.

23 Respond to the following questions in full sentences. 1) What is (define) Terrorism? 2) What terrorism occurred on “ 9-11? ” 3) Why was the U.S. a target of terrorism on “ 9- 11? ” 4) What is the purpose of the Patriot Act? 5) What is the purpose of the Department of Homeland Security?

24 Critical Thinking Considering Osama bin Laden ’ s goals, and the goals of George W. Bush in the “ War on Terror, ” who has been more successful in achieving their goals? Be sure to justify your opinion.

25 The War on Terror Begins

26 The War on Terror TWO main theatres for this war: Afghanistan Capital: KABUL Iraq Capital: BAGHDAD

27 Afghanistan

28 Iraq

29 The Taliban Controlled the government of Afghanistan The Taliban allowed Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda to train in Afghanistan Following 9-11, the Taliban REFUSED to turn over Osama bin Laden and other terrorists. Taliban Rules: Women could not go to school or work outside of the home Television was banned. Harsh punishments were given to anyone who disobeyed the rules.

30 The War on Terrorism Begins Afghanistan October 7, 2001 United States and Great Britain begin bombing Afghanistan. Goal: Get rid of the Taliban Destroy Al-Qaeda hangouts How is this goal consistent with the goals of President Bush following 9-11?

31 The Afghanistan War Two Goals Achieved: Al Qaeda training camps were destroyed. Taliban were removed from power. Setback: Al-Qaeda still is active and operating. Osama bin Laden was not captured.

32 Weapons of Mass Destruction Weapons that are able to cause death on a large scale. What might be some examples?

33 Saddam Hussein Dictator of Iraq Viewed by the U.S. as a threat to our security. Why? It was believed by the U.S. that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction It was believed that Hussein might give these weapons to terrorists.

34 Iraq: A brief look back. 1991 – Persian Gulf War Hussein had invaded neighboring Kuwait. The U.S. and United Nations freed Kuwait from Iraq and discovered that Iraq MAY have weapons of mass destruction. After Iraq was defeated the United Nations (UN) told Iraq they were not allowed to have weapons of mass destruction.

35 The Iraq War April 15, 2003: Government of Saddam Hussein fell. May 2003: President Bush declared victory. Present Day: U.S. troops remain in Iraq to maintain peace and promote the new democratic government.

36 Iraq – March 19, 2003 Believing that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction: Great Britain & the United States invaded Iraq.

37 Respond to the following questions in full sentences: 1) Why did the war on terror begin in Afghanistan? 2) What was the Taliban? 3) What freedoms did the Taliban deny its people? 4) What was it believed that Saddam Hussein was hiding? 5) What did President Bush declare in May 2003?

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