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September 11, 2001 Who? How? Why?.

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1 September 11, 2001 Who? How? Why?

2 What Happened? 4 planes are hijacked by terrorists
American Airline Flight 11 & United Airlines Flight 175 take off from Boston American Airlines Flight 77 leaves from Washington, DC United Airlines Flight 93 takes off from Newark, NJ

3 World Trade Center Both towers were hit by planes
Both towers collapsed 2,603 confirmed dead in NYC

4 PENTAGON At 9:38 Flight 77 hits the Pentagon
Fortunately, the portion of the Pentagon hit was under construction Only 125 Pentagon employees die

5 United Flight 93 This flight was believed to be headed for the White House It did not reach its target The passengers on the plane were believed to have fought back The plane crashed in Shanksville, Penn

6 Who is Responsible? Al Qaeda claims responsibility
Osama bin Laden is believed to be the leader All members have a deep hatred for the United States

7 Connection to US In 1979, the USSR invaded Afghanistan
Osama bin Laden led a fight against the invaders Islamic fighters from all over the world went to Afghanistan to fight for bin Laden

8 US & Osama bin Laden US Government supported bin Laden & his fighters
The US gave bin Laden weapons & intelligence to fight against the USSR After the USSR withdraws from Afghanistan, we cut off bin Laden

9 Bin Laden Turns on US In 1990, the US government sent our military to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia asked for assistance to protect them from Saddam Hussein The US military was now near the holiest places for the Muslim religion.

10 WHY? Osama bin Laden wants all Western influence out of the Middle East Wants the religion of Islam to control all governments Vowed revenge after the US brought its military to Saudi Arabia He is not sponsored by a country!

11 They want a “Holy War” between Muslims & the rest of the world
Al Qaeda They want a “Holy War” between Muslims & the rest of the world Carries out terrorist attacks against US & its allies throughout the world

12 Other Areas Attacked by al Qaeda

13 US Response US government decided to respond using its military
US military ordered the Taliban of Afghanistan to turn over Osama bin Laden The Taliban refused & the US invaded

14 Afghanistan US military sent roughly 30,000 troops into Afghanistan
Goal was to look for bin Laden The Taliban was over thrown

15 Iraq Pres. Bush tries to convince Americans that there was a link between Iraq & 9/11 Claims that Saddam Hussein & Osama bin Laden are planning an attack on the US ALL CLAIMS ARE FALSE!

16 WAR ON TERROR The US will continue to fight against extremist groups around the world Bin Laden was killed by US forces inside of Pakistan Will al Qaeda attack the US again?

17 In Memory……


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