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US AND MID EAST Why are we so involved in the Middle East?

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1 US AND MID EAST Why are we so involved in the Middle East?

2 Persian Gulf War Dates = 1990- 1991

3 Persian Gulf War Countries Involved US Kuwait United Nations (UN) Iraq Saudi Arabia

4 Persian Gulf War Continued Cause 1. Iraq accused Kuwait of stealing oil 2. UN warned Iraq to leave Kuwait 3. Iraq was mad that Kuwait wanted $ back from Iran-Iraq war

5 Hussein in power 1. Saddam Hussein ~ leader of Iraq led invasion of Kuwait, refused to leave Kuwait 2. President Bush ~ led US to invade Iraq 3. UN cuts off Iraq’s trade

6 Outcomes Many killed (Kurds) Iraqi air force destroyed Iraq set Kuwait’s oil fields on fire Saddam Hussein still in power Iraq defeated Must destroy WMD

7 Iraq burning Oil Fields

8 “Global War on Terrorism” Dates 2001-now

9 Who is this “war” between? Countries US Afghanistan

10 WHY?? US searching for Bin Laden b/c of Sept. 11 attacks

11 September 11, 2001 On 9/11 terrorists hijacked 4 planes headed to east coast California 2 jets crashed into the World Trade Center towers in NYC The 3 rd plane crashed into the pentagon in Washington, DC The 4 th plane crashed into an open field in Pennsylvania after the passengers fought back


13 Crash at the Pentagon

14 Crash in Pennsylvania

15 9/11 Memorial

16 Who was behind the 9/11 attacks An Islamic terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda It’s members believe that the U.S. and its allies are evil Their Leader Osama Bin Laden was living in Afghanistan, he was a former millionaire of Saudi Arabia Afghanistan's government was controlled by Islamic extremists called the Taliban The Taliban was protecting Bin Laden

17 What did the U.S. do? Demanded that the Taliban turn over Bin laden They refused – Oct. 2001 US began bombing Taliban air defenses and air fields and command centers They also struck several al-Qaeda training camps Us provided support to rebel groups who opposed the Taliban

18 Outcomes: 1. Many die 2. Longest US war 3. Cost $Billions 4. By December, 2011 – the Taliban was weakened and the U.S. killed Osama bin Laden



21 Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-now (“2010”)

22 Countries involved US Iraq Britain Kuwait (marched through to Iraq)

23 WHY?? US feared WMDs and Hussein’s power Al-Qaeda growing Feared more terrorist attacks

24 Key Events Saddam Hussein captured and killed Iraqi army defeated The last U.S. troops left Iraqi territory on December 18, 2011

25 What happened to Saddam? Captured in December of 2003 Charged by the Iraqi’s with war crimes Charged with the murder of 148 people Illegal arrest of 399 people Torture of women and children Found guilty and sentenced to death in 2006


27 Overall Outcomes No WMDs found Many died Democracy established in Iraq Hussein killed

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