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Unit 1 Reading If you saw a UFO or an alien some day, what would you do?

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2 Unit 1 Reading

3 If you saw a UFO or an alien some day, what would you do?

4 UFO E.T. Famous film: ET


6 Boy missing, police puzzled ? A boy is missing, and the police are puzzled. Title: The title of a news story is usually incomplete. Feature ( 特征 ) (不完整的)

7 Reading strategy for news articles Reading strategy for news articles: Read title + Look at pictures/ charts Predict ( 预测 ) Read first paragraph/ the lead for details Read the rest paragraphs

8 W h a t d o y o u t h i n k h a s h a p p e n e d t o t h e b o y ?

9 Imagination-before reading Where or how was the boy missing? leaving home kidnapping (绑架) murder drowning (溺水) being taken away by aliens ……

10 1. What is the article about? It is about a missing boy/UFOs and aliens. 2. Who is missing? Justin Foster. 3.Do the police know what happened to Justin? No, they don’t know.

11 Paragraph 1: Find the following When? Where? Who? What? How? Why? two days ago Dover, New Hampshire Justin Foster, a 15-year-old boy went missing show great interest sightings of puzzling lights & reports of alien visits Main Idea Careful - Reading

12 Supporting details: I. Paragraph 2 and find: Main Idea: Supporting details: 1)Mrs. Foster thought_____________________________ _________. 2)Mr. Foster was surprised___________________________ ___________________________. 3)The next day Justin Foster______________________________. Justin Foster went missing. he was spending the night with a friend that his son did not tell anyone that he was staying out late. didn’t show up at the family lunch

13 Paragraph 3&4: Main Idea: Supporting details: 1) Justin’s friends said__________________ __________________ _________. 2) Witnesses said_______________________ _________________. 3)Kelly heard__________________________ ________________________. The police found that Justin returned home. Justin went home after playing baseball with them. they saw Justin walking towards his home him put on his favorite CD after he went to his room.

14 Paragraph5-7: Main Idea: Supporting details: 1)Kelly saw____________________ outside. 2)Kelly heard______________. 3)Mavis Wood said _________took her away so that they could do ____________ on her. The boy may be taken away by the aliens a large spaceship flying Justin shout the aliens research

15 Read the text again carefully. Finish the following tasks. Reading Comprehension---

16 Reading Comprehension---C1 1.Where does Justin Foster live? 2.Why did Justin’s mother go to bed early? 3.What sports does Justin play? 4.What time did the witnesses see Justin walking home? 5.Does Justin have any brothers and sisters? 6.What colour were the aliens? 7.Who else has been taken by the alien? 8.Who is in charge of the case? How well did you understand the details in the story? Read it again and answer the following questions: He lives in Dover, New Hampshire. Justin’s mother went to bed early because of a headache. He plays baseball. At 10:45 p.m. He has a sister. They were white. Mavis Wood has been taken by aliens. Detective Sam Peterson was in charge of the case.

17 1 puzzled (title) 2 due to (line 6) 3 show up (line 23) 4 witnesses (line 32) 5 nightmares (line 68) 6 rule out (line 73) 7 make up (line 76) 8 convincing (line 81) a.say that something is not possible b.making people believe something is true c.frightening or unpleasant dreams d.because of e.appear or arrive f.invent (a story) g.unable to understand h.people who saw an accident and can describe it to others Reading Comprehension---D Find these new words in the article. Guess their meanings from the context. Then match them with the correct definitions.

18 Reading Comprehension---E Justin’s sister Kelly is writing about Justin in her diary. Help her complete the diary entry. nightmare aliens bad witnesses murdered favourite Justin not puzzled creatures 26th September Justin has been missing for two week now. I miss him a lot. I’m worried that something ____________ has happened to him. I’m sure he came home that night at around 11 p.m. I heard him put on his __________CD. I wonder where the ___________ with large black eyes have taken him. favourite aliens bad

19 nightmare aliens bad witnesses murdered favourite Justin not puzzled creatures Mavis told me that _______ from outer space took her away a few years ago. They did some research on her. The whole experience was very frightening, just like a _________, but at least they returned her home. I hope they will return __________ soon. The police are __________ making much progress. They are very _________. Now they are searching for other _______. They say Justin might have been _________. Dad is very disappointed with them. He thinks they are not doing their job properly. Mum is really worried too. She can’t sleep well. I hope Justin will come home soon and tell us what happened to him. I want all of us to be together again. nightmare Justin/him creatures not puzzled witnesses murdered

20 Aaron Smith (from BBC) Can you tell me what happened that night? Mr. Foster Mrs. Foster Kelly Practice :

21 Homework: Try to write Justin Foster’s story down, and tell it to the others. Finish off Workbook Exercises A1 & B1. Preview Word Power.

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