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牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块二 · 高一上学期 ) 杨张慧. Boy missing, police puzzled ( 模块二 · 高一上学期 ) 杨张慧.

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Presentation on theme: "牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块二 · 高一上学期 ) 杨张慧. Boy missing, police puzzled ( 模块二 · 高一上学期 ) 杨张慧."— Presentation transcript:

1 牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块二 · 高一上学期 ) 杨张慧

2 Boy missing, police puzzled ( 模块二 · 高一上学期 ) 杨张慧

3 The structure of a news story Reading strategy title the first paragraph to give a general idea about the news to tell readers “who” “when” “where” “what” “why”

4 the following paragraphs to give detailed but less important information the second paragraph to give more important facts The structure of a news story Reading strategy

5 The reading skills of news stories For general ideas, read the topic if any and the first one or two paragraphs; For details, read the rest of the story. Reading strategy

6 Boy missing, police puzzled A boy is missing, and the police are puzzled. How/When/Where was the boy missing? Why are the police puzzled?

7 Skimming & Scanning  the first paragraph: when____________; where____________________; who__________; what_______ why_______________________ _______________  the following paragraphs: evidence given by____________________________ three days ago Dover, New Hampshire Justin Foster went missing sightings of puzzling lights & reports of alien visits Justin’s parents, sister, neighbors …

8 Find the best answers 1. The reason why people were interested in the disappearance of the child is that ____ A. the lost boy was 15 years old. B. the police advised them to do so. C. the disappearance might have sth. to do with the UFO and the alien. D. all of the above.

9 2. In the seventh paragraph, “show up” means _________. A. arrive or appear B. reach C. disappear D. reach for

10 3. What is the attitude of the police to the disappearance of the boy? A. They can’t make sure that Justin was taken by aliens. B. They think it possible for some people to make up an amazing story. C. They are looking at other possibilities, such as murder. D. All of the above.

11 4. We can infer that the boy might go missing ______. A. in his own room B. on the playground C. in Kelly’s room D. in his brother’s room

12 5. We can know_______. A. the police have known the cause of the boy’s disappearance B. the police haven’t found convincing evidence about the boy’s disappearance C. the police will catch the aliens who took away the boy D. the police won’t get any information about the child’s disappearance

13 What’s the right order of the sentences? Justin did not show up at the family lunch the next day. Kelly heard Justin return home. Justin left home to play baseball with his two friends. Justin was seen walking towards his home at 10.45 p.m. Kelly heard Justin shout. Kelly saw a bright light outside her window. 1 2 3 4 6 5

14 Complete the following passage Justin (失踪) _______ ______ in his bedroom last Friday night. When he did not (出现) ______ ______ for lunch the other day, his parents became worried and decided to call the police to s________ for him. After a r________, police found that Justin did return home after playing baseball with two friends. His sister, Kelly, who was very f_________, was the only w_________ to see a large spaceship outside her window. She was sure the aliens took him. Some people s_______ i_________ in Justin’s disappearance d_____ t______ sightings of p_________ lights in the sky around the time of his disappearance. People sometimes m_______ u_____ amazing stories that aliens took humans. Police are looking into this p__________. At present, they have not ( 排除 )r______ o_______ the possibility that Justin was taken by aliens. Detective Sam Peterson, who has t_____ c_______ o_____ the case, decided to look at other possibilities. Police have s______ u______ their search for the lost boy. missingwent nterest up earch esearch righteneditness how ueouzzling ake p harge ut uled aken show f teppedp ossibility

15 Discussion All the people are concerned about Justin’s disappearance. What do you think might have happened to him? Discuss with your partners and give an ending to the story.

16 Assignment 1. Finish the rest exercises on p4-5. 2. Read the passage fluently and underline the important phrases.


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