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Unit 1 Module 2 Revision Tales of the unexplained.

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2 Unit 1 Module 2 Revision Tales of the unexplained

3 Words checking 1. n. 2. ( vt. ) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. possibility 8. examine 9. dismiss 10. evidence 11. convince 12. survive existence witness assume construction occur aboard

4 Morphological changes 1. construct ( n.) 2. humour ( adj.) 3. possible ( n.) ( adv.) 4. organize ( n.) ( adj.) 5. strong ( n.) ( vt.) 6. exist ( n.) ( adj.) 7. amaze ( adj.) ( n.) 8. agree ( opp.) ( n.) _ ( n.) possibility possibly organization organized humorous disagreedisagreement agreement strength strengthen existence existent amazed amazement construction

5 Phrases checking 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. … 6. due to 7. belong to 8. be similar to 9. make up 10. do research on step up show up take charge of look into be convinced of …,, …

6 Keep the following in mind: 1 Police in America have stepped up their search for a fifteen-year-old boy who went missing three days ago. 2. The Yeti is said to be a large,hairy animal that walks on two feet like a human being. 3. Standing inside were lots of strange creatures with white skin and large black eyes. 4. When asked about the possibility that Justin was taken by aliens, Detective Sam Peterson, who has taken charge of the case, told journalists, Sometimes people make up such amazing stories. 5. In fact, there is really no hard evidence that aliens took him. 6. While we have not dismissed the idea, we are looking into other possibilities as well.

7 Key words; Phrases; Sentences

8 Consolidation Let s have a competition

9 Multiple choice The government has promised to_______ the matter and will give the workers a satisfactory answer. A. look into B. look through C. put into D. put away A

10 Multiple choice I could not think of a story to tell the children, so I _______ as I went along. A. made it up B. made one up C. made up one D. made one B

11 Rewrite sentences The car accident was because of his carelessness. The car accident was ______ ______ his carelessness. due to

12 Multiple choice The professor has been doing research for many years _________ the reasons for people wanting to change jobs. A. for B. at C. on D. in C

13 In time of danger we should _______ ________ ________ at once.( ) call the police

14 Multiple choice When I returned to Renmin Square, I found the man _________. A. disappearing B. losing C. missing D. missed C

15 Rewrite sentences A new group of policemen were sent to take control of the case. ------ A new group of policemen were sent to _______ _______ _______ the case. take charge of

16 Multiple choice Some students were late for school this morning _________the bad weather. A. thanks to B. leading to C. according to D. due to D

17 Living c_______, such as human beings, animals or plants, depend on water and air to live. creatures

18 I _______ _______ _______ a good way of solving the math problem ________ ________ _________. ( ) didnt think of until after lunch

19 Multiple choice Would you please ________the paper for me and see if there are any obvious mistakes? A. look around B. look into C. look up D. look through D

20 Rewrite sentences As more and more people want to have cars of their own, the car factory have increased their out put. ----- As more and more people want to have cars of their own, the car factory have ________ _______ their output. stepped up

21 Multiple choice It is reported that the police will soon ________ the case of the two missing children. A. look upon B. look after C. look into D. look out C

22 The plane crash ( ) o________ only several minutes after take-off. occurred

23 Multiple choice With the demand for cars increasing rapidly, the car factory is making efforts to ________ production. A. step up B. step out C. step down D. step forward A

24 Rewrite sentences A lovely little cat was lying on the ground, sound asleep. ------ _________ on the ground _______ a lovely little cat, sleeping soundly. Lyingwas

25 Multiple choice The naughty boy ________ a sad story to get some pocket money. A. put up B. made up C. worked out D. set up B

26 Rewrite sentences If Bob is not invited to the party, personally he will not come. -------________ _________ to attend the party, personally he will not come. Unless invited

27 Multiple choice The factory _________ my father works is now _________ Director Li. A. that; in charge of B. there; in charge of C. in which; in charge of D. in which; in the charge of c

28 In order to save more people, the scientists are doing r________ on the cause of the disease. research

29 The end ! Thank you!

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