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Welcome to Year 3 Curriculum Information Evening.

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1 Welcome to Year 3 Curriculum Information Evening

2 Aims of the Evening. To give you an overview of the subjects and skills taught in Year 3. We will give you some ideas to help you support your child with their learning at home.

3 Staff in Year 3 Mr Lonergan in Class 3L Miss Salter in Class 3S Staff your children may work with: Miss McAllister, Miss Marshall, Mrs Gaffney, Mrs De Jesus, Mrs T, Mrs McMillan, Miss Sanchez and Coach Clark.

4 Transition Our aim is to ensure that the children increase their independence as learners from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. As Juniors, they will begin to take on roles and responsibilities within their classroom, year group and the wider school.

5 Areas of Learning Literacy Numeracy R.E. Science Geography and History (Topic) P.E. Music PSHE ICT Art and D&T Spanish

6 Literacy In Year 3 children will: listen with enjoyment to stories, songs, rhymes and poems. develop their understanding of a range of non- fiction texts. increase their use of high frequency words. develop their understanding of the elements of stories. read and write for pleasure and purpose. be encouraged to practice and implement cursive handwriting in their work. We need your help! Set aside a few minutes to regularly listen to your child read. Encourage, enthuse, and question them!

7 Maths Key areas of learning in Year 3: Improving understanding of place value. Ordering numbers on a number line. Developing strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Gaining a good understanding of the one, two, three, five and ten times tables. Applying their maths skills to solve problems. Increase familiarity and confidence of units of measure, time and money. Measure to confidently name and describe the features of 2D and 3D shapes. We need your help! Learning times tables. using maths vocabulary everyday e.g. time, money, measuring.

8 R.E. Areas of learning: Being a Christian –The Christian Family, Baptism Mary Our Mother The teachings of Jesus –Becoming better people The Eucharist –What happens at Mass Easter and Pentecost

9 Homework Homework is to consolidate class learning not to teach new concepts. Maths : given on Monday, return on Wednesday Literacy : given on Friday, return on Monday Reading Please listen to your child read at least 3 times a week – just for 5 mins! Check their understanding of what they have read Write a comment in their Reading Record Spellings Given on Monday, tested on Friday

10 Behaviour Policy Rewarding good behaviour: Table points, Star of the Day, Merit assembly (with a certificate on Friday), Golden Time. Consequences for low level inappropriate behaviour. ‘Rockets’ / ‘Giraffe’: two warnings given, then lost Golden Time. More serious incidents result in immediate loss of Golden Time, and referral to HT and DHT. Year 3: learning not completed in class time might be completed during break or lunch.

11 General Information Please name all school uniform and P.E. kit. P.E. kits must be brought to school on Monday and taken home for washing on Friday. Trainers may be worn for outdoor P.E. only. Plimsolls or bare feet are expected for indoor P.E. Girls: socks not tights for P.E. please! Swimming on Tuesdays after half term. P.E. kit is not to be worn home after clubs please. Trips to be planned every term. We may ask nicely for contributions!

12 Fronter n Year 3’s very own website!

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