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Welcome to Year One Goodrich Community Primary School

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1 Welcome to Year One Goodrich Community Primary School

2 Aims Transition Curriculum in Year One Behaviour system Reading
Homework Questions

3 Transition Visits to class when children in Reception
Transition activities in literacy and Maths Play –based activities – continuous provision Assemblies Play – time Subject based – cross curricular links

4 New Curriculum English
Word reading – 44 phonemes – including digaphs and trigraphs Comprehension – recall key events and discuss how a character is feeling Spell 1 & 2 syllable words in a phonetically plausible way Hold pencil correctly write all lower case in an anti clockwise direction Words containing s, es,ing, ed, er and est Plurals, prefixes and suffixes Vocabulary Use simple adjectives Join sentences using and, but and so Full stops capital letters, exclamation marks and questions marks Speaking and listening – responding appropriately, maintain concentration, staying on topic by building on the contribution of others speaking for different purposes, reciting poetry,

5 New Maths Curriculum Numbers to 100, say how many objects are in arrays of 2, 5 and 10, place value of 2 digit numbers, write numbers as words to 20 Can add and subtract pairs of 1 and 2 digit numbers practically and mentally, solve missing number problems, know addition and related subtraction facts to 20 Doubling and halving, find double or half of shapes, share up to 20 objects into equal groups Use standard units to measure 2-d and 3-d shapes – vocabulary, position and direction Solve problems using practical materials

6 Specialist support PE ICT Music
Consultants in Maths, English, Science and Art

7 Behaviour for learning
5 R’s Reward system – points and options Green, yellow and red Blast off rockets and Golden tickets

8 Reading Guided Reading with new booklets Home record yellow booklets
Reading 4 times a week Target set in each child’s book for you to follow

9 Homework Homework set on Monday and given in on Friday
Try to get into a routine – quality time to start Encourage independence On line resources and resources from teacher Homework club

10 Physical Development

11 Literacy

12 Mathematical Development
Using money, exploring shapes, making patterns, weighing

13 Understanding of the World
Exploring the environment Bee bots

14 Creative Development

15 Achievement through Play
Purposeful Learning Activities Yield meaningful results

16 Children’s Experience
Active learners Creative and Critical thinking Stimulating Environment Personalised Learning Special Activities Play Indoor and Outdoor Partnership with Parents Safe and secure

17 “The most important single factor influencing learning is what the child already knows.” ( David Ausbel 1968) How do we find out what your child already knows? Observing children in the setting. Through talking to you to find out as much as possible about your child.

18 Promoting the Partnership
Newsletter - homework Trips – Park, Woods, Seaside, Wildlife Centre, Library Visiting the classroom Coffee Mornings Phonic and handwriting workshops Parent/teacher consultations

19 Early Years Foundation Stage Important Information
Reception times: 9:00am – 3:30pm Uniform Snacks Provide raincoat and wellingtons Call the office if your child will be absent Accidents Separate entrance – call at office if late Permission slips for trips CRB checks if you want to volunteer on a regular basis Pact Books Home/school profile books Arrange meetings with your teacher Breakfast Club and After school Clubs

20 Thank you for coming Arrange a home visit
Collect information about the uniform Complete profile entries to be returned to office

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