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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

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1 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Author: Judy Blume Miss. Lynch’s 4th grade class

2 Characters Peter is a main character. He has dark hair and is not too short or tall. His mother is slightly tall and she doesn't have really long hair. She thinks Peter should learn to like Fudge, his brother. Fudge is very young and can get away with almost anything. He hasn't learned to speak well yet. Peter's father is pretty tall, and he can't cook anything. There are two other main characters. Sheila Tubman has dark hair and is about as tall as Peter. She is afraid of dogs. Jimmy Fargo lives with his father, because his parents are divorced. He is Peter's best friend. Peter has a turtle named Dribble. A minor character is Mrs. Rudder, who lives below Peter's apartment.

3 Plot Peter Hatcher feels like a fourth grade nothing. His little brother, Fudge is causing problems for him all the time. Fudge gets away with every temper tantrum and always messes up Peter's things including his homework. The last straw is when Fudge walks off with Peter's pet turtle, Dribble. It is now time for Peter to get his parents to pay attention to him for a change.

4 References

5 Theme Family is the main theme in a story because it is about Peter and how he relates to his family members in different ways.

6 Cause & Effect Peter gets mad at his little brother a lot. His brother’s name is Fudge. Because Fudge destroyed the transportation poster, Peter got a lock on his door.

7 Genre: Realistic Fiction
Realistic fiction is untrue, but it could actually happen in real life. In some books, some events, people, and places may even be real. Realistic fiction seems like real life with characters because they deal with real life problems. The action can happen no matter what, and it usually takes place in the present. The situations are true or could be, but the characters are made up. Realistic Fiction may include "real people" characters who have actually lived.

8 Recommendations This is a book that would be well suited for kids with younger siblings because they can probably relate to Peter's difficulties with Fudge. We really enjoyed reading this book. It was good and fun to read. It was really funny too. We think any fourth grader would like it because it is about a fourth grader like us! We also like how it is written like a fourth grader.

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