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Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade

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1 Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade

2 Title/Author/Main Characters
The book I read was Nothings Fair in Fifth Grade, by Barthe DeClements. The main characters in this book are Jenny, Diane (one of Jenny’s best friends), Sharon (her other best friend), Elise (the new girl), Mrs.Hanson (their teacher)

3 Genre/Setting This story takes place in their school and various characters homes. This book is realistic fiction because it could actually happen in real life!

4 Plot Jenny knows one thing-that the new girl Elise is the one stealing other peoples lunch money to buy candy. Soon, since no one is confessing, the entire class gets punished. Nothings Fair! But eventually Jenny and her class learns that most things aren’t fair for Elise either. Elise is on a super strict diet, and soon she starts losing weight. But now, her mother won’t buy her any new clothes, instead she’s going to send Elise to boarding school after the school year ends. Nothings Fair, but with some effort things can get better!

5 Just Right Scale This book was a 2 for me because it was just right and also easy.

6 What attracted me to the book
While I was searching for books to do my book talk on I saw this books cover with all the bright colors. I then read then back and new it would be the perfect book for my book talk!

7 My Favorite Part My favorite part is on page 80-81 and 2 paragraphs
What’s going on is Jenny is over at Elise’s house with her little brother and then Elise and Jenny come inside to find out that…

8 What I liked/Didn’t like
What I liked was that most of the chapters ended with a cliff hanger so I couldn’t put this book down! What I didn’t like was that was that the book was a bit short for me and I wish there would have been more.

9 Information About the Author
Barthe was born in Seattle Washington Went to Western Washington College and University of Washington in Seattle She is a school counselor who has worked as a psychologist and teacher.

10 Other Books by the Author
Best of Friends, Breaking Out, The Bite of the Gold Bug, Double Trouble, Five Finger Discount, Seventeen & In-Between, Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You, The Fourth Grade Wizards, and many more…

11 I recommend this book too…
Mainly girls that are in grades 3rd-5th. A fun and easy read! A great book to choose to read when you need a book to read!

12 Nothings Fair in Fifth Grade!

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