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Book Reviews What are they? How to write one by Mrs. Cintrón.

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1 Book Reviews What are they? How to write one by Mrs. Cintrón

2 Why Write a Book Review?  One way to share a book you’ve read Different from a book report because it includes your opinion  To let others know that you enjoyed the book or not, and why  Helps a person to make an informed choice

3 What Does a Book Review Consist of?  It has three parts which includes facts and opinions supported by reasons. Introduction Body Conclusion

4 Introduction Grab the attention of the reader by:  Including a quote from the book  Telling something about the author Purpose for writing the book Intended audience From what point of view the story was written  Telling the genre of the book fiction, nonfiction, mystery, romance, etc.

5 Body  Give a summary of the plot.  Include information about the setting and main characters.  You can include a hint about the ending, but don’t give away the best part!  Make the book sound as exciting and interesting as possible!

6 Conclusion  Give your opinions, and the reasons for your opinions. Be honest, don’t be afraid to say if you didn’t enjoy the book.  Reading recommendations Who might or might not like the book What is the intended age group

7 Sample Book Review Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Ugly Truth "See, when you're a little kid, nobody ever warns you that you've got an expiration date. One day you're hot stuff and the next day you're a dirt sandwich.“ Greg Heffley has always been in a hurry to grow up. But, is getting older really all it’s cracked up to be? Greg suddenly finds himself dealing with the pressures of boy-girl parties, increased responsibilities, and even the awkward changes that come with getting older—all without his best friend, Rowley, at his side. Can Greg make it through on his own? Or will he have to face the “ugly truth“. This is the fifth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Whatever I expected about this book, it was not the book I read. I was expecting a book that cracked me up at moments I laughed at some parts of the book, but not at as many as some other books in the series. I liked the other books in this series much better than this one. I believe that the author could have made the plot a little more interesting. Some of the characters changed personalities. The book wasn't a complete letdown, and there were interesting parts. If you’re a fan of the Wimpy Kid series you will want to read the book.

8 Another Sample Review Among the Hidden Among the Hidden is a great novel. The book is full of suspense. You are always surprised at what happens. The story is set in the future. The government has laws about how many children a family can have. It is illegal to have more than two children. Since Luke is the third child in the family, he has to spend his entire life in hiding. If anyone finds out about him, the Population Police will punish his whole family. Luke discovers that the new neighbors have a third child, too. Her name is Jen. Luke sneaks over to her house to meet her. There he learns that Jen has been organizing a rally for hidden children. She urges Luke to attend. Will he be brave enough to go? This story is unforgettable. The characters are realistic and brave. Anyone who reads this book won’t be able to put it down.

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