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The book is written by Judy Blume There are213 pages

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1 The book is written by Judy Blume There are213 pages
Double Fudge The book is written by Judy Blume There are213 pages

2 The Main Characters are…
Fudge is my favorite character. His personality is funny because he is crazy about money, silly because he sleeps with money, winey because when ever he wants to get something he has to wine, and mean because at the end there are Fudge’s dad cousins so one of there kids is mini Fudge so the big Fudge is mean to mini Fudge. Peter is Fudge is older brother. His personality is really mean to Fudge because he is always messing around. There mom. Her personality is bossy she is mostly bossy to Peter and worried because at the end when the elevator gets stuck. There dad. His personality is embarrass because in the book Peter said in his mind tell me when there over so I can plan out to stay at Jimmey’s house so that got embarrass and he is also funny because he says funny things. Tootsie is Fudge and Peter’s baby sister. Her personality is really cute because she is a cute baby sister and really funny because when ever she hears an animal she does the same sound .

3 The story takes place at…
At the Peter and Fudge’s house in New York. Some events also happen at Peter’s school. The family also takes a trip to Washington D.C. The story takes place in present time.

4 The Problem is … The problem is that Fudge is obsess with money. He talks about money. He makes Fudge bucks that are not real. The characters are worried about Fudge being all about money. They are trying to tell Fudge that you don’t have to be all about money. The story is mostly about Fudge because he is all about money and because he is doesn’t behave .

5 The key events are.. In the beginning I was shocked because I don’t now any five year that are in to money. In the middle he went to Washington D.C and went to this place called Bureau of Printing and Evergreen. At the end it was Halloween and Henry is Fudge’s teacher and he taught Fudge how to use the elevator and then the elevator got stuck on Halloween with some other people in it.

6 The solution is… The solution is that when there dad’s cousins came he forgot about money because he had too much fun.

7 The rating is… I rate this book as wwww that means wikitastic and that means the best book . I liked because it was silly and funny . I liked that the author put lots of detail. I didn’t like the part when Fudge and mini Fudge and Mrs. Osterment got stuck in the elevator By Paheli

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