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Elaborated by: Neilys Coffre Gisela Cedeño ELEMENTARY READING SKILLS AND TECHNOLOGY.

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1 Elaborated by: Neilys Coffre Gisela Cedeño ELEMENTARY READING SKILLS AND TECHNOLOGY

2 Reading skills and Technology  In Escondido, California, fourth grade English Language Learners are using the iPod touch as a learning tool to improve their fluency and comprehension; in fact, within six months, students using the iPod touch gained nearly two years in reading comprehension.  technology is no panacea; it is simply one of many useful elements in the language and literacy toolbox.


4 Spin to win It’s an interactive review game that can be customized for any subject area and any grade level. All you do is type in the questions and answers for the game and let your students review the material while having fun.

5 The Differentiator It is a website that helps you write objectives based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. It is as simple as going through the different tabs such as, Thinking Skills, Content, Resources, Product and Groups to choose the appropriate term and the Differentiator organizes it into an objective that can help your students demonstrate their learning.

6 Reading Intervention on the SMART Board They are fun, interactive games where students won’t even realize that they are gaining valuable skills while playing. There’s a file for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-5.

7 Weather and Date chart It is perfect for the SMART Board. Just touch the red buttons to choose the weather and date. You can also enter a student’s name by clicking “special person”. If you want to save the page, just capture the screen and import it into your SMART notebook file.

8 EasyTech Whether you're a novice or a tech expert, EasyTech makes it easy to integrate 21st century skill building into your teaching. EasyTech helps students (and teachers!) efficiently learn technology skills, digital literacy, and higher-order thinking as they study and learn core curriculum. Make sure your students have the tech and 21st century skills they need, with EasyTech.

9 Smart Tutor’s online reading software It is research-based and designed to accelerate learning, increase student motivation and improve student test scores by building a strong foundation in fundamental reading skills including phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words / high frequency words, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Learn about sequencing with Mr. Sanders. Explore the elements of a story with Denzel at the Movie Club.

10 Reading Skill Builder finds gaps and provides instruction in specific reading skills that helps develop adept, capable readers. ---Material engages students of all ages --Immediate explanations for answers are given, whether responses are right or wrong. students will... 1. use vocabulary to infer meaning from text 2. determine main idea 3. learn academic vocabulary 4. draw conclusions based on relevant information

11 READING COMPREHENSION BOOSTER ONLINE students practice using reading comprehension strategies with interactive texts. they read a passage, then answer main idea, sequence, and inference questions about it. context-clues and multiple activities reinforce learning. Each level contains 60 passages and 675 questions divided into 3 units of escalating difficulty. students will... 1.Determine the main idea 2. Identify the sequence of details in a text 3. Determine the meaning of unfamiliar words by using other words or phrases from the text as clues.

12 CONCLUSION Nowadays, we have technology as an excellent toll on our side for teaching reading in a creative, flexible, and authentic manner. Children love technology and they wont be bored to lean through it. We should know that helping students become effective readers requires working with them on developing key comprehension strategies while fostering a love for reading. It is helpful for children to learn becoming proficient readers to prevents later reading difficulties. The teachers’ role to develop this skill includes clear explanation, modeling, guided practice monitoring, and independent application.

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