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Teaching Preschoolers FCS Majors. Build a Portfolio:

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1 Teaching Preschoolers FCS Majors

2 Build a Portfolio:

3 Step 1: Before you do anything… Know Your Audience! Children of different ages require different needs.

4 Physical Development Run Jump Hop Throws ball overhead Catches a bounced ball Walks on a balance beam Balances when standing on one foot Uses their fingers to pinch an object to pick it up Makes pictures and shapes Uses scissors and glue Stacks small objects in a tower Can button and unbutton Gross Motor Fine Motor

5 Intellectual Development Intellectual = Cognitive Recognizes and matches colors Stacks blocks according to size Groups objects Counts to 10 Recalls 3 hidden objects from memory

6 Knows body parts Knows name, age etc. Gives emotions to inanimate objects Has imaginary friends Has basic fears Expresses anger with words rather than acting out physically. Emotional Development

7 Social Development Engages with peers and adults for an extended amount of time Is starting to notice other people’s moods and feelings. Understands that family’s culture may be different from others Shares with others

8 What is the best way children learn? An adult’s job is to ___________________ A teenager’s job is to _________________ A child’s job is to _____________________ work study play

9 Play enhances development: With your neighbor, spend 5 minutes and list as many reasons why you believe PLAY is important to the development of a young child. Be specific! Think: What does play allow a child to do? What can play DO to a child? What can play help a child overcome? What can playing TEACH a child?

10 Play enhances development because it: Allows kids to be creative! Develops a child’s imagination Improves dexterity (fine motor abilities) Improves physical, cognitive, and emotional strength Teaches kids to interact with the world around them Enhances their self confidence! Helps kids practice decision-making skills Teaches kids how to work in groups, to share, negotiate, solve conflicts and to stand up for themselves

11 Types of Play: Solitary Play: Parallel Play: Cooperative Play: Constructive Play: Dramatic Play: Plays alone. (ex: playing with a rattle) Plays alongside, not with, another child. (ex. One child plays with a car sitting next to a child playing with blocks) Interacts while playing with other children. (ex. Playing tag) play with materials that can create. (ex. Playing with building blocks) imaginative play that usually involves more than one child, for instance, playing house or doctor



14 Planning for Preschool

15 Step 2: Plan, Research, and Describe. Theme Come up with a unit theme to hold all of your lesson ideas together. Make sure your ideas teach the children physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills as well as can be safe.

16 Examples of Activities Examples of themes? Literacy Math Science Multi-cultural Fine motor Gross Motor Art Music and Movement Computers

17 Research: The internet as well as preschool teacher books have many activity ideas, how to prepare for and how to perform the activities.

18 Describe: Write the directions as if someone who has never heard of the activity has to do it.

19 Lesson Plan Outline Over all theme or big idea: Title of your book: Provide 3 questions you will ask while reading the book: a. b. c. Objective for activity: The students will… Materials: Step by Step Directions: What curriculum area does your lesson fall under? How will you know that the children learned what you wanted them to learn (met the objective)?


21 Bonding: Oral Language: Opens New Worlds: Kindergarten Readiness: Smart: Reading to children is an essential skill to build a love of learning and books. In class and at home we will be working on writing our very own children’s book. Plan a book that supports your thematic unit.

22 What is your favorite preschool book? What made that book so memorable?


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