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Welcome to the Montwood High School

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1 Welcome to the Library @ Montwood High School
Mrs. Allder Lead Librarian Dr. Macon Library Media Specialist Operating Hours: 7:15 a.m.-4:15 p.m.

2 Librarians Mrs. Allder and Dr. Macon

3 Library Aides Ms. Carrasco Mr. Paugh Ms. Maldonado

4 Library Rules Water acceptable…no other food or drink. No cell phones!
Permission required for use of MP3s and IPods. Respect all patrons, property, and materials.

5 Library Visits Hours are 7:15 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. each school day.
The 20-Minute Rule is in effect daily: You cannot leave your classroom during the first 20 minutes of class or the last 20 minutes of class. Signed passes and IDs are required during class time. Please sign in at circulation desk during class time. No passes are needed before school, after school, and during lunch.

6 ID Cards You need one… no excuses! All students must have a picture ID
before checking out anything from the library. ID cards are taken in Room A310 by Ms. Rivera. Remember: If you lose the ID, you have to pay $5 in the business office for a replacement.

7 The circulation desk is located to the left of the entrance.
What’s there? You can: Ask questions Pay fines Check out materials Return materials— bookdrop Sign in Reserve materials

8 Services and Supplies Ask at Circulation Desk
Copy Machine--10 cents / copy Color Copies--25 cents/page CD-Rs--75 cents each CD-RWs / DVD-Rs--$1 each DVD-RWs--$1.25 Flash Drives--price varies Fax Machine--50 cents per page

9 Our Collection Professional Fiction Reference Periodicals Newspapers
El Paso Times USA Today Spanish Fiction Bestsellers TAYSHAS Story Collection Easy Nonfiction Biography

10 Replacement costs are charged for lost items!
Books and Magazines Maximum checkout: 5 Length for checkouts: 2 weeks Fiction and Nonfiction Fines: 5 cents per school day Overnight checkout Reference (Limit: 1) Periodicals (Limit: 1) Fines: 10 cents per day Replacement costs are charged for lost items!

11 AV Materials Audio books (CDs and cassettes) Sound recordings
Length for checkouts: 1 week Maximum checkout: 1 item at a time Fines: 50 cents per day

12 Overdue Notices Distributed by English teacher Check for accuracy
Don’t ignore!

13 Computers/Printing Computers are for: Research Word Processing
Locating library materials Printing must be: For educational purposes Directly linked to class work Color printing requires prior approval by the library staff. Color copies are 25 cents per page regardless of content.

14 Drills: Fire and Code Blue
In the library, you must follow procedures for safety. Fire Drill: Emergency exit in rear of library. Proceed to practice field. Return on two-bell signal. Code Blue: Librarians will provide instructions.

15 See you at the library! Mrs. Allder Lead Librarian Dr. Macon
Library Media Specialist Operating Hours: 7:15 a.m.-4:15 p.m.

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