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Let Spongebob be your guide to the world of reading and information.

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1 Let Spongebob be your guide to the world of reading and information

2 * Every school day from 7:30 a.m. to four p.m. Open before and after school and during lunch * Occasionally closes after 6 th period on Thursday for a staff meeting * Peer tutoring continues in Main Room until 4:45 p.m.

3 * The library is for research, study and reading * Good library users are doing something productive and non-disruptive * The library is used by individuals and classes * Students: need a pass and need to sign in during class time * Teachers: sign up with the librarian to bring classes to the library

4 * No food, drink (except bottled water) or gum is allowed in the library except by prior arrangement. Water must be kept away from all computers. * Turn cell phones and pagers off in the library. Audio players may be used if they aren’t a disturbance. * Use recycle bins for paper, metal and plastic.

5 * The library collection includes over 30,000 books. There are two major collections in the Main Room. * Fiction books, or novels, are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name, and * Non-fiction books arranged numerically according to the Dewey Decimal System

6 * Materials are checked out at the Circulation Desk. * Present your school ID to check out books. * Books may be checked out for three weeks and be renewed as long as another patron has not requested it. * Overdue fines are not assessed but you will not be able to check out anything while you have something that’s overdue.

7 * Return all library materials in the book drop located in the counter just as you enter the library * Do not return them to the shelves or leave them on a counter or cart * Do not return books used in the library to the shelves after using them. Leave them on a table or counter for library staff to re-shelve

8 * The Reference Room has over 4,000 books which can only be used in the library * Also in the Reference Room are audio books, a collection of some of the textbooks (behind the librarian’s desk). Videos are kept in the Main Room. * Pamphlet files are now in the Main Room. * The above items (except for textbooks) may be checked out for one week.

9 * The library subscribes to over 80 magazines and newspapers. * New magazines and newspapers are kept near the reading area in the Main Room. * Older issues are stored in the Periodical Room behind the Reference Room. * Older magazines can be checked out for one week.

10 * The Computer and Internet Use Policy covers computer use in the library. * School computers shouldn’t be used for “non- educational” purposes. This includes general email and games. * You are allowed to print ten pages per day from all computers at school. Request additional pages from library staff. * To check out a laptop computer you must have a picture ID (school or state ID)

11 * The Library has a variety of other services and supplies * Copiers: b&w ten cents per copy; color copies are free * School supplies: pens, pencils, markers, paper, rulers, scissors, etc. at two stations: one in the Reference Room near the HP printer and the other in the Main Room by the catalog computers. These items are for sharing, not for taking. * Color (Dell 3115) and b&w (HP 4200) printers * School news bulletin board * Daily bulletin and schedules

12 * The library’s webpage provides access to library resources every day of the year. This virtual library provides access to: - Like us on Facebook - Teacher resources - Handouts, booklists, presentations and lots more - Links to other libraries including MARINet - Information pathways & Web guidespathways - The library’s catalog - A research handbook - Online subscription databases including a way to search many databases at once - Follow us on Twitter! @besschinlibrary

13 * You can use the online catalog to look up books & other materials (including websites). Searching can be done by author, title, subject, keyword, call number or series. Simple and advanced (Boolean) searching is available. * The catalog also has a graphic interface (Destiny Quest) in which you can share reviews and recommendations. The catalog can be accessed from any computer through the Internet from home or school

14 The library subscribes to many online databases. These databases are part of the deep web which is not accessible using Google or Bing. Most of the databases use redwoodhs as the username (ID) and giants as the password. For other database logins see the charts located in the library and each classroom or click on DATABASE PASSWORDS link on home page and enter “giants” * EBSCO is the library’s main article database. It includes magazine & newspaper articles, research journal articles, and articles from teacher journals. * The library has two main geographical databases. CountryWatch is a country-by-country information center with much information from government sources. Global Issues in Context provides a portal to news and information about countries and issues around the world. One free database which is really helpful for cultural heritage projects is * And don’t forget MARINet databases (You’ll need a library card!)

15 Mr. Kaun, Teacher Librarian Karlene Caldwell, Library Specialist Mrs. Rosenberg, Independent Study Teacher

16 * Cartoon images are from Sarah’s SpongeBob Squarepants Shrine. 27 August 2007, and the Spongebob Squarepants Fan Website. tml. 27 August 2007. tml. 27 August 2007 * The Sleepytime episode can be found at episode.html episode.html * Clipart is from Microsoft Office XP Media Content disc * All photos courtesy of Mr. Kaun

17 countrywatch cents giants laptop recycle games water audio videos gum caldwell dewey kaun gary magazines pamphlet novels table four ebsco phones three overdue research redwoodhs ten virtual productive Marinet deepweb

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