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Research Paper Structure Review 7 th Grade English Ms. Calabrese.

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1 Research Paper Structure Review 7 th Grade English Ms. Calabrese

2 Research Paper Take a few minutes to review these slides about the basic research paper structure.

3 Introduction Hook Introduction of Thesis Introduction of Sub- topics Transition to 1 st paragraph

4 Hook Grabs the readers attention Sets the stage Generally the first sentence of a paragraph 5 types of hooks: quote, question, shocking fact, statistic, anecdote.

5 Hook

6 Thesis Statement States the main idea of the paper. Serves as a map; tells the reader where the paper will be going. Placed within the first paragraph, usually after the hook. May be more than ONE sentence. Must be supported by sub-topics Like trying on a pair of jeans; may be revised MULTIPLE times before you make the right fit.

7 Thesis Statement Example of an unsupported thesis: Mr. Smith thinks he has the flu. Example of a supported thesis with sub-topics: Mr. Smith thinks he has the flu because he has a sore throat, a headache, and a fever.

8 Sub-topics Must support the thesis Must be connected to the thesis Usually occur in 3’s; but DO NOT have to Example: Lehigh University is a great institution because it has a beautiful campus, excellent professors, and many extracurricular activities.

9 Transitions Act as cues to help readers anticipate what is coming next in the paper. May be a word or a few sentences.

10 Transitional typesExample Similarity Contrast/ exceptionBut, however, in spite of, in contrast, yet, still, nevertheless, on the other hand Sequence/OrderFirst, second, third….next, then, finally TimeAfter, at last, before, currently, during, immediately, meanwhile, later, recently, then ExampleFor example, for instance, namely, specifically, to illustrate EmphasisEven, indeed, in fact, of course, truly Cause and EffectConsequently, therefore, so, hence, thus Support/ EvidenceAdditionally, moreover, then, as well, also, again, equally important, furthermore, besides Conclusion/ SummaryFinally, as a result, in brief, to conclude, on the whole, in a word, in sum,

11 Conclusion DODO NOT Restate your thesis statementRewrite your intro word for word Retell and sum up your 3 sub-topicsBegin with “I hope you learned…” Make a global statementDon’t end with “Thanks for reading my paper.”

12 Now that you have reviewed the slides and are familiar with the basic elements of a research paper, take a quiz to test your knowledge!

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