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Listening and Nonverbal Messages

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1 Listening and Nonverbal Messages
Chapter 14 Listening and Nonverbal Messages

2 Learning Objective 1 Distinguish between hearing and listening.

3 Hearing and Listening Hearing is a physiological process and a passive activity. Listening is a mental process and involves understanding and retaining the message.

4 Learning Objective 2 Describe the five elements of the listening process.

5 Elements of the Listening Process
Hearing Filtering Interpreting Responding Remembering

6 Learning Objective 3 List the guidelines for effective listening.

7 Guidelines for Effective Listening
Concentrate on the message. Determine the purpose of the message. Keep an open mind. Provide feedback. Minimize note taking. Analyze the total message. Do not talk or interrupt.

8 Learning Objective 4 Describe barriers to effective listening.

9 Barriers to Effective Listening
Physical distractions Mental distractions Health concerns Nonverbal distractions Inappropriate timing Ineffective speech characteristics

10 Learning Objective 5 Describe the advantages of effective listening.

11 Advantages of Effective Listening
Builds relationships Solves problems Ensures understanding Resolves conflicts Improves accuracy

12 Learning Objective 6 Explain the importance of nonverbal messages.

13 Importance of Nonverbal Messages
The sender may be unaware a nonverbal message is being sent. Nonverbal messages are usually unplanned. Nonverbal messages may be more reliable than written or oral messages. Nonverbal communication is always present.

14 Learning Objective 7 Identify different types of nonverbal messages and discuss their impact on the communication process.

15 Nonverbal Communication Considerations
Physical appearance Written message The sender Body language Space Size of an area Proximity to another Obstacles Time Amount of time spent Punctuality

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