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1 Urban Education Resources LIBRARY INSTRUCTION Jacqueline A. Gill Associate Professor Reference 212-650-6089

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2 1 Urban Education Resources LIBRARY INSTRUCTION Jacqueline A. Gill Associate Professor Reference 212-650-6089 Click the down or up arrows on your BROWSER to move forwards backwards OR click the screen


4 3 EBSCOHOST From the City College Library homepage click the Quick Links icon to go the the City College Library Resource page.

5 4 EBSCOHOST Click the link for EBSCOHost Premier.

6 5 SEARCHING FROM HOME Fill in your email address and create a password. First time users and those who have forgotten their password will be asked to enter their barcode number.

7 6 EBSCOHOST Next to each database is a check box. Scroll down the page and select the databases by selecting the check box.

8 7 EBSCOHOST Enter your terms in the Find field. You can use Boolean operators (and, or, not) with a standard search. If available, field codes and search history may be used with your search.

9 8 EBSCOHOST Additional options are available to refine your search.

10 9 EBSCOHOST Results are shown for the topic HOMELESSNESS and NEW YORK.

11 10 EBSCOHOST Each result is numbered, and the available formats for the article are displayed-– HTML full text, PDF full text, or linked full text. Click the link to display the full text or go to the next page to see more results.

12 11 EBSCOHOST PDF or HTML full text can be saved to a diskette. The PDF text can only be viewed in the Adobe Acrobat software. If the software is not available on your computer it can be downloade d from Adobe's web site.

13 12 EBSCOHOST Click this link to send the Full text to your E- MAIL account.

14 13 EBSCOHOST Enter your e-mail address and subject and click send.

15 14 EBSCOHOST Click the “Continue“ link to return to your search results or begin a new search.

16 15 ETHNIC NEWSWATCH From the City College Libraries Licensed Resources page click the link for Ethnic Newswatch.

17 16 ETHNIC NEWSWATCH Ethnic Newswatch is a database containing news, culture, and history from 2000+ of Ethnic, Minority, and Native press. The database can be viewed in English or Spanish languages.

18 17 ETHNIC NEWSWATCH This is the Advanced Search page. Enter you topics here. Click “More Search Options” to identify additional search criteria.

19 18 ETHNIC NEWSWATCH This is the Results page. Additional topics are suggested here. Click the “Full Text” link to view the complete article.

20 19 ETHNIC NEWSWATCH Full-text Article

21 20 ETHNIC NEWSWATCH At the top of the screen select link to print or e-mail.

22 21 ETHNIC NEWSWATCH Select full text. Enter your name. Your email address. The subject of the email. Optional – message Click send.

23 22 ETHNIC NEWSWATCH A confirmation page will display. Click “document view” to return to the document sent.

24 23 CUNY+ What is CUNY+ CUNY+ is the online catalog for all CUNY libraries, including the City College. It lists books, periodical titles, government documents, microforms, music recordings and scores, audio-visual materials, items on order and certain other library materials. CUNY+ is the primary tool for finding materials in the library.

25 24 From the City College Library homepage click CUNY+ Catalog. CUNY+ may also be accessed from your home by entering the above address. CUNY+

26 25 Click the CUNY+ Catalog link. CUNY+

27 26 On the Basic Search page enter a keyword and search all fields within the CUNY database. CUNY+

28 27 Using the pull- down menu you can search by title, author, subject, or exact title. CUNY+

29 28 Searching will retrieve all titles within the CUNY UNION CATALOG. Or select INDIVIDUAL CUNY libraries to search the catalog of only one library. CUNY+

30 29 By clicking the name of the college you can search its holdings. CUNY+

31 30 This search retrieved all titles authored by Toni Morrison which are found in the City College Library. Click the number to see the full record. Or you can click this link to go directly to the call number. CUNY+

32 31 This is the full record. Click on library name to see the call number and status. CUNY+

33 32 This is the location of the book. The call number is noted here. Item status tells you that the book can be checked out. Due Date - If there is a date here, the book has been checked out. CUNY+

34 33 J-STOR JSTOR provides full-text access to more than 300 scholarly journals offering more than 886,000 full-length articles going back to 1838. Here are the subject areas addressed: African American Studies, African Studies, Anthropology, Archeology, Asian Studies, Botany, Ecology, Economics, Education, Finance, Geography, History, Language & Literature, Latin American Studies, Mathematics, Middle East Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Slavic Studies, Sociology, and Statistics. Updated frequently, JSTOR covers important research articles, reviews, opinion pieces, and other items published in key journals.

35 34 J-STOR Click search to begin.

36 35 J-STOR Click advanced search.

37 36 J-STOR You can type in your search terms here. For example, Asian American education New York. Select type

38 37 J-STOR Select the disciplines and or journals for this search.

39 38 J-STOR Results are listed by relevance. The list may be sorted by date and the title of the journal. Click the title link to view the citation and abstract.

40 39 J-STOR The complete article may be viewed on this page. Click this link to download the file to a disk.

41 40 LEXIS-NEXIS Go to CCNY & CUNY Resource page. Click Lexis-Nexis CCNY Library: Licensed Resources/Databases

42 41 LEXIS-NEXIS Click Guided News Search.

43 42 LEXIS-NEXIS Step 1: Select General News. Step 2: Select majors papers or journals. Sept. 3 Input your search terms (3 boxes are provided). Step 4: dates to search. Sept 5: (Optional) Select name of newspaper or journal to search. Click Search.

44 43 LEXIS-NEXIS Results are listed. Click the title link to view the full text.

45 44 LEXIS-NEXIS To email or print click this link.

46 45 LEXIS-NEXIS Enter your e-mail address here. You may also enter additional information about the article your sending to your e- mail account. Click Send. PowerPoint Tutorials

47 46 Additional research assistance When you begin your research in the City College library stop by the Reference Desk and a librarian will be glad to assist you. PowerPoint Tutorials Was this tutorial helpful? Click here

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