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Women Studies Jacqueline A. Gill, Associate Professor Reference Librarian and Information Literacy Coordinator 212-650-6089

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1 Women Studies Jacqueline A. Gill, Associate Professor Reference Librarian and Information Literacy Coordinator 212-650-6089

2 Accessing Databases Proxy Account Principles of Database Searching Subject related databases  Academic Search Complete  Humanities Full Text (WilsonWeb)  JSTOR  Women and Social Movements in the United States 1600-2000 RefWorks Finding Paper Journals E Journals Interlibrary Loans Research by Subject Google Scholar Plagiarism checkers Contents

3 Getting Journal Articles Most older journals are located on the first floor of Cohen Library A majority of our journals for the last twenty years are available electronically.

4 From the City College Library home page click “Articles via databases” link. Accessing Databases

5 Select your database. Accessing Databases

6 Proxy Account Searching when off-campus Fill in your email address and create a password. First time users and those who have forgotten their password will be asked to enter their barcode number.

7 Next you will be asked to type in your name, email, and create a password. When you access the databases the next time you will only have to type in your email and password. Proxy Account Searching when off-campus

8 Principles of Searching

9 Similar ideas are expressed in a word with different endings. feminines femininities femininity feminisation feminise feminised feminises feminising feminism femin* will retrieve all of these words The asterisk * is a wild card or truncation symbol. All words starting with the letters before the asterisk will be retrieved

10 Anti-slavery OR Women’s rights movement Anything in either of these circles Is recovered Anti-slavery Women’s rights movement Boolean Searching

11 Combine search terms “OR” yields the most results Boolean Searching

12 “AND” makes your search more specific Only the overlap of the circles are recovered Anti-slavery Women rights movement Boolean Searching

13 Same combined search terms “AND” yields less results but articles are more specific.

14 Boolean Searching Add a third search term Even fewer results are presented.

15 EBSCOHOST Premier EBSCOhost Premier is a portal to 30 databases providing indexing and abstracting for tens of thousands of scholarly journals, magazines, and reference sources in all areas of study. Many of these databases include full text articles. The academic level of the publications covered varies depending on the database, but the brief descriptions on the opening page will help you determine whether a particular database is appropriate for you.

16 EBSCOHOST Premier Select a database to search or choose “Select All” to search all databases simultaneously.

17 EBSCOHOST Premier Enter your terms in the Find field. You can use Boolean operators (and, or, not) with a standard search. If available, field codes and search history may be used with your search. Select search options to refine your search. You can use limiters or expanders to broaden or narrow the focus of your search.

18 EBSCOHOST Premier Additional options are available to refine your search.

19 EBSCOHOST Premier Result page will list all the journal articles related to your search terms.

20 EBSCOHOST Premier The articles listed first are relevant to your search terms. Formats for the article are displayed-– HTML full text, PDF full text, or linked full text. Click the link to display the full text or go to the next page to see more results.

21 EBSCOHOST Premier PDF or HTML full text can be saved to a diskette. The PDF text can only be viewed in the Adobe Acrobat software. If the software is not available on your computer it can be downloaded from

22 EBSCOHOST Premier Click this link to send the Full text to your E-MAIL account.

23 EBSCOHOST Premier Enter your e-mail address and subject and click send.

24 EBSCOHOST Premier Click this link to return to your search results or begin a new search.

25 Contemporary Women's Issues Database A selected full-text international resource (some material is abstract only). Includes book reviews, research reports, and fact sheets, in addition to journals and magazines. Some sources go back to 1992, but coverage varies by source. Much of the material in CWI is small-press publications, not necessarily scholarly journals.

26 Enter your search terms in the boxes provided. You can narrow your search by entering a year(s), publication type, etc. Contemporary Women's Issues Database

27 Search results are listed. Click the link to view the full text of the article. Articles can be printed or emailed. Contemporary Women's Issues Database

28 Must be viewing the full text record to email the full record. Contemporary Women's Issues Database

29 J-STOR JSTOR provides full-text access to more than 300 scholarly journals offering more than 886,000 full-length articles going back to 1838. Here are the subject areas addressed: African American Studies, African Studies, Anthropology, Archeology, Asian Studies, Botany, Ecology, Economics, Education, Finance, Geography, History, Language & Literature, Latin American Studies, Mathematics, Middle East Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Slavic Studies, Sociology, and Statistics. Updated frequently, JSTOR covers important research articles, reviews, opinion pieces, and other items published in key journals.

30 J-STOR Click advanced search. Advanced search provides additional help features not found in Basic search.

31 J-STOR You can type in your search terms here. For example, Asian American education New York. Select type

32 J-STOR Select the disciplines and or journals for this search.

33 J-STOR Results are listed by relevance. The list may be sorted by date and the title of the journal. Click the title link to view the citation and abstract.

34 J-STOR The complete article may be viewed on this page. Click this link to download the file to a disk.

35 J-STOR Click this link to download the file to a disk. Databases A-Z

36 Understanding Call Numbers

37 TR 178.83.B35 1992 The Call Number on the spine of the book tells you where to find the book on the shelves. Library of Congress Call Numbers

38 Academic Libraries usually use the Library of Congress Classification System, not the Dewey Decimal system. TR The first line is shelved in alphabetical order. On the library shelves you’d find books with the call number HA shelved before HB, TR would be before TS, etc... 178.83 The second line is a real number. You’d find 1 before 2, and 178.83 before 178.9, etc...

39 TR 178.83.B35 This line is both alphabetical and decimal. A number with.A-- would be found on the shelf before a number with.B--, B before C, etc…. But don’t forget this is a decimal number, so.B35 would be found on the shelf after.B214 and before.B4 1967 This number is usually the date of the publication of the book. 1967 would be found on the shelf before 1968, 1968 before 1969, etc...

40 Where should this book go in this sequence? BS 23.5.F578 BR 23.F466 BS 23.H4 BS 23.243.F578 BS 23.7.F571 PS 3711.I76 PS 3711.F18 PS 3711.I7 PS 3711.I8 PS 3711.I975 BS 23.5.F578 PS 3711.76 Think of the answer before you advance the slide.

41 CUNY+ Catalog/Internet stations, 2 nd Floor





46 Once you have the call number look at the first letter of the call number and look at the Book Location Charts which are posted near the computer catalogs on the 2 nd floor.

47 From the City College Library home page click “Research by Subject” link. Women Studies Research by Subject

48 Select Women Studies Women Studies Research by Subject

49 Women Studies Internet Sites Columbia University Women's Studies

50 Women Studies Annotated Bibliographies  Purdue University Purdue University  Cornell University Library Cornell University Library  MLA format for an annotated bibliography MLA format for an annotated bibliography

51 Reference Desk City College Library Additional help with your research can be obtained at Reference Desk Jacqueline A. Gill, Associate Professor 212-650-6089

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