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World Humanities LIBRARY INSTRUCTION Prof. Jacqueline A. Gill Ext. 6089 Click the down or up arrows on.

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1 World Humanities LIBRARY INSTRUCTION Prof. Jacqueline A. Gill Ext. 6089 Click the down or up arrows on your BROWSER to move forwards or backwards. Or click the screen.

2 Accessing Databases Searching from Home JSTOR Project Muse CUNY+ Library Catalog online book catalog)CUNY+ Library Catalog online book catalog) RefWorks (citation database)RefWorks Contents

3 From the City College Library home page click “Databases A- Z” link. Accessing Databases

4 Select your database. Accessing Databases

5 SEARCHING FROM HOME Fill in your email address and create a password. First time users and those who have forgotten their password will be asked to enter their barcode number. Contents

6 J-STOR JSTOR provides full-text access to more than 300 scholarly journals offering more than 886,000 full-length articles going back to 1838. Here are the subject areas addressed: African American Studies, African Studies, Anthropology, Archeology, Asian Studies, Botany, Ecology, Economics, Education, Finance, Geography, History, Language & Literature, Latin American Studies, Mathematics, Middle East Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Slavic Studies, Sociology, and Statistics. Updated frequently, JSTOR covers important research articles, reviews, opinion pieces, and other items published in key journals.

7 J-STOR Click search to begin.

8 J-STOR Click advanced search.

9 J-STOR You can type in your search terms here. For example, Asian American education New York. Select type

10 J-STOR Select the disciplines and or journals for this search.

11 J-STOR Results are listed by relevance. The list may be sorted by date and the title of the journal. Click the title link to view the citation and abstract.

12 J-STOR The complete article may be viewed on this page. Click this link to download the file to a disk. Contents

13 Project MUSE is a database consisting of over 300 peer-reviewed scholarly journals, mostly in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, published primarily by small scholarly or university presses. This database is more appropriate for the advanced student or scholar, but lower level undergraduates may also find useful material.

14 Project Muse From the City College homepage click “Databases A-Z”. Click the alphabetical list at the top of the page to move to the database “Project Muse”. Click “Search”.

15 Project Muse On the search page type your topic in the search box. Click “Search”.

16 Project Muse Locate your article and click either the “HTML” or “PDF” link to view the full text of the article.

17 Project Muse This is a PDF file. You can view the complete article online. You can also email, print, or save the complete article.

18 Project Muse Project Muse database allows you to export your documents into “RefWorks” (citation database) to create a bibliography. You select the articles you want to export to RefWorks by checking the boxes preceding the title of the article.

19 Project Muse Select “Save Marked Results”.

20 Project Muse Select “Email/Export Saved Results”.

21 Project Muse Select “RefWorks”. Select “Export”. RefWorks opens to the sign in page. See link below for additional instructions on creating a bibliography using RefWorks. RefWorks Contents


23 From the City College Libraries use the pull- down menu to select your search. From this menu you may search by keyword, title, author, and subject. CUNY+

24 On the Basic Search page enter a keyword, AUTHOR, TITLE OR SUBJECT and search all titles within CCNY Library database.

25 This is the full record. Click on library name to see the call number and status.

26 The call number is noted here. The status tells you that the book is on the shelf. Book Location Chart Contents

27 Questions? Visit the Reference Desk on the 2 nd floor and speak to any librarian. Jacqueline A. Gill, Associate Professor

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