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1 EmpowHR Performance Management Process These Slides Cover Grades up to GS-15 SES handled separately.

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1 1 EmpowHR Performance Management Process These Slides Cover Grades up to GS-15 SES handled separately

2 2 Supervisor goes to Manager Self Service

3 3 Click on Tasks 3 More

4 4 Click on Performance

5 5 Click on Performance Plan

6 6 Click on New Plan from the Employee List

7 7 Grades up to GS-13

8 8 Enter the start date of the appraisal period.

9 9 Click Add

10 10 Initial screen. Review dates and Click on the Looking Glass to select Rating Scale Type.

11 11 Select the 5 Tier Performance

12 12 Click on Elements and Standards Tab Do not Save or Print at any time until you have entered all elements and standards. There is no process to do an interim save. A Save sends the plan to the reviewing official.

13 13 Note that two mandatory elements are already on a new plan based on whether the employee is supervisory or not. Click View all to see all elements and to add the next element.

14 14 Standard Language comes into element. DO NOT click Copy Plan from Previous Year.

15 15 You may add additional language as needed. Scroll to end of language and you can type or cut an paste in other language from another source.

16 16 Employees will need more than two elements. Click the + key on the second element and a new element block will insert. Click the Pick Element Looking Glass to select an element from a list.

17 17 Select element from list by clicking on element.

18 18

19 19 Again, you can add language to standard text by cut an paste from another source. Click the + key if you have additional element to add to the plan. Once complete with adding elements click Previous Tab

20 20 Review this page and then Click Save. The Save action will send the Reviewer the plan for review and approval. At this time it would be appropriate to print the plan. (Not required)

21 21 Saved will appear quickly in the upper right and the Created the Plan will be checked and dated.

22 22 GS-14 and GS-15 Plans These plans are just a little different. The system was set up to not put in the mandatory elements. The following slides will give you instructions on how to prepare a plan for GS 14 and 15. Grades below GS-13 go to Slide 40

23 23 Enter the start date of the plan and Click Add

24 24 Click on the Look Up Glass to select the rating Scale.

25 25 Select 5 Tier Performance

26 26 Click Elements and Standards

27 27 For GS 14 and 15s a blank row comes up first. Click the – Key to delete this row.

28 28 The system will enter a new Measure 1. Now Click on the Look Up Glass for the Pick Element.

29 29 Select an Element

30 30 You will need to designate if Critical or Non Critical Click the + key to insert the next element

31 31 Click on the Look up glass again to select the next element.

32 32 Select an element

33 33

34 34 Need 3 to 10 elements. This slide represents the addition of a third element.

35 35

36 36 Click on View all to see all elements.

37 37 If you have added all elements click Previous Tab. Your data will be saved.

38 38 On a save you will see Saved in the upper right corner and the Created the Plan will be checked and dated.

39 39 Slide 39 ends the GS 14 and GS 15 plan development. The rest of the process is the same for all grades.

40 40 Reviewer Process

41 41 The reviewer will get an email and worklist item. Reviewer should click the Link.

42 42 Reviewer will see plan. Click Elements and Standards Tab

43 43 Click view all to see all elements.

44 44

45 45 Changes can be made to the language by the reviewer.

46 46 Once reviewer has completed review click Performance Plan Tab or link

47 47 Click Reviewer Concurred and Save.

48 48 If Reviewer would happen to forget to save this edit will come up. Click OK to return to save or you will lose any changes you made.

49 49

50 50 Return to Supervisor with Concurred Plan

51 51 At this point the supervisor will get a worklist item that the reviewer has concurred. Click on the link. No action needed here but just to view the plan. That will clear the worklist item. It supervisor makes changes after it is reviewed it does not go back to the reviewer. The employee will have worklist item from Review that will bring up current plan.

52 52

53 53 Employee Process

54 54 Employee view of plan. Employee should get a worklist Item to click and take them directly to the plan. Or employee may Click Employee Self Service, Tasks and Performance.

55 55 Click Existing Plan.

56 56 Select date appropriate plan. For FY-07 you will most likely be looking for an October Review Period date.

57 57 Employee should click Elements and Standards tab.

58 58 Review Elements and Standards. Employee cannot edit. Contact supervisor to discuss plan and any needed changes.

59 59

60 60 Employee attempt to edit or add.

61 61 Upon save attempt the system will advise that changes cannot be made. Click OK, Edit out any changes and return to Save.

62 62 Click Viewed Discussed Plan or Refused to Sign and Save.

63 63 Supervisor Worklist after Plan has been viewed by Employee

64 64 That will send a worklist item back to the supervisor that you have reviewed your plan.

65 65 Supervisor or Employee may want to print a copy of the plan. Click Create Printable Form

66 66 System will work for several seconds to even up to a minute. The system is generating your form, be patient. The View Document link will appear to print the plan.

67 67 An Adobe Document will come up that you may print.

68 68

69 69 Once supervisor exits the plan the worklist item will be gone. The Plan creation process has been Completed.

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