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Transitioning to High School Welcome Class of 2016 and Parents.

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1 Transitioning to High School Welcome Class of 2016 and Parents

2 High School Is Different Opportunity to: –Improve grades and GPA –Improve attendance –Make positive choices in friends/attitude –Set goals for your future –Get involved in your school/community –Challenge yourself academically

3 COUNSELORS Mrs. Heselbarth students A – F (50% counselor / 50% virtual coordinator) Mr. Belleau students G - M Mrs. Kallenbach students N – Z

4 Counseling Website Newsletters Links to WISCareers and career clusters Tutoring services Seminar powerpoints and videos College links and ACT/COMPASS test info Course description booklet

5 How do high school counselors help you?

6 High school counselors provide services to ALL students, not just ones in crisis. We meet with you in September during English class.

7 Why would I meet with my counselor? Career Personal Academic

8 CAREER COUNSELING  Develop a four year course plan to meet graduation requirements and to be competitive for college admissions.  Help to identify a career cluster that matches your talents and skills through personal interviews and computer interest inventories with WISCareers  Help arrange a job shadow to explore career options.  Help choose the college/tech college that fits your future goals and academic potential.

9 CAREER CONCERNS Where can I go to school for marine biology? How do I become an electrician? When do I apply for college? Where do I find scholarships? How do I enter the military? … I don’t know what I want to do!

10 PERSONAL COUNSELING  School counselors are not therapists.  We are here to listen and provide support.  Help you problem solve through tough stuff.  We ask for your truthfulness, cooperation and an open mind to options.  Contact us if you have a topic for a group.

11 PERSONAL CONCERNS I’m really worried, my Dad got laid off and we might lose our house…. I have a friend who is cutting.… My boyfriend gets angry at me sometimes and he scares me…

12 Confidentiality What information is confidential? Alcohol and drug concerns Family and personal issues What must counselors legally report? Harm to self or others, or any abuse Information we communicate to parents Grades, attendance, discipline referrals, teacher concerns, graduation progress

13 ACADEMIC COUNSELING  Individual conference with you regarding graduation credits and planning for college.  Encourage you to challenge yourself academically - not take the easy way out!  Help you understand test scores in relation to future planning and course sequencing.  Assist you with problem-solving: academic struggles, test-taking, general anxiety, etc.  Help students consider options if they fail a class.

14 ACADEMIC CONCERNS I want to get into a good college, what classes do I need to take? How do the EXPLORE and PLAN tests help prepare me for college? I need a math tutor. How many credit do I need to graduate? I failed a class, what do I do now?

15 Want to increase your chances for high school success?

16 TAKE RESPONSIBILITY –Attend school every day –Come to class with a positive attitude, the proper materials and respect for others –Check your grades on Infinite Campus –Get involved in your school & community It is your education and your future!

17 PHS Graduation Requirements 4 English credits 3 Social Studies credits 2.5 Math credits 2 Science credits 1.5 PE credits.5 Health credit 3 credit Concentration (art, music, etc.) 7.5 Elective credits Total = 24

18 You only get one chance to do high school!

19 Good grades and extra-curriculars allow you to have more choices in your future … *Jobs *Scholarships *Colleges

20 Successful students will complete their homework on time and… study for tests.

21 SEEK TUTORING Best tutor is your teacher –meet during Advisory Student Tutors available during study hall in the iCenter

22 Advisory 2:42 – 3:15 Last period, daily announcements Grade Check – Wednesday Tutoring from teachers Club Mtgs./ Link Crew Activities Meet with counselor Attend seminars / groups Bring work or reading material.


24 Keep your schedule for the whole year. Replacement copy 50¢

25 Quarters across top, periods down side Subject, teacher and classroom listed “Blocks”- 84 min. classes (A Day) A day only (B Day) B day only No designation, meets every day “Skinnys” - 42 min. classes, every day ( English, Math, Marching Band, World Drumming, Choirs: Swing, Vocal Jazz, Women’s) No Skinnys during 5-6 period due to Lunch

26 Note: You may not have the same class in the same block next term or with the same teacher Don’t panic…… These changes allow for you to fit in more of your elective classes

27 What lunch do I have?

28 Look at 5-6 period class… Early Lunch 11:01-11:31 Late Lunch 12:34-1:04

29 Early 1 2 3 4 LUNCH 11:01 5-6 Class 7 8 Late 1 2 3 4 5-6 Class LUNCH 12:34 7 8 LUNCH TIMES

30 Suggestion: If you have late lunch, you may want to bring a snack for the morning. Your lunch may rotate – don’t panic. Opportunity to get to know others.

31 Schedule Example 1English 2 Algebra I 3-4 A Int. Science 3-4 B Health 5-6 A US History (late lunch) 5-6 B Choir (early lunch) 7-8 Foods Advisory OS

32 Week at a glance… AA BAB TuesWedThursFriMon 1 EnglishEnglishEnglishEnglish English 2 Alg.Alg.Alg.Alg. Alg. 3-4 SciSci.HealthSci.Health 5-6 HistoryHistoryChoirHistoryChoir 7-8 FoodsFoodsFoodsFoods Foods AdvisoryAdvisoryAdvisoryAdvisoryAdvisory

33 Does your schedule have an error? Missing part of a class, empty block, no schedule at all? …..we need to see you tonight!

34 High School is full of opportunities Make it a great year !

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