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10 th Grade Course Registration Class of 2016 February 2013 Counselors Patty Devecka (A-K) & Suzanne Lyke (L-Z)

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1 10 th Grade Course Registration Class of 2016 February 2013 Counselors Patty Devecka (A-K) & Suzanne Lyke (L-Z)

2 General Registration Timeline February 4 – Course recommendations available for viewing through HAC February 4-March 4 – Online registration February 20 - Parent Night in South Auditorium & gym March 4 – Last chance to enter requests or change course selections. Early August – Schedules available online with a 10 day window to make schedule changes Schedule changes are limited once school begins.

3 Two Points of View Short Term: What you need to know to schedule classes for next year. Long Term: What you need to know & think about to plan for the next four years of high school and for life after high school.

4 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Subject Area Credits Required English4 Social Studies4 Science3 Math3 PE1.8 (every year) Health1 (9 th, 11 th ) Driver Education 0.20 Electives5.50 Graduation ProjectPASS Community Service PASS Total Credits22.5

5 10 th Grade Courses English Social Studies ScienceMath PE/Driver’s Safety Elective (World Language) Elective or Study Hall Lunch or elective * You must schedule at least 5.9 credits

6 English and Social Studies SOCIAL STUDIES OPTIONS: Advanced World History II World History II ENGLISH OPTIONS: Advanced English 10 English 10

7 Math Options: Advanced Geometry College Prep Geometry Geometry Advanced Algebra 2 College Prep Algebra 2 Advanced Honors Precalculus Advanced Precalculus Precalculus

8 Science Options: Advanced Biology 1 Biology 1 Biology (A few of you may be taking Advanced Chemistry 1 (A few of you may be taking Advanced Chemistry 1 or higher) or higher)

9 Physical Education and Health PE OPTIONS: PE 10 (.50 Credit) Honors PE ( 1.0 Credit - by application ) Fitness and Exercise Science (.50 Credit) Health OPTIONS: Health 1 (.50 Credit)

10 World Languages WL OPTIONS: - Spanish - Spanish - French - French - German - Arabic - Latin - Mandarin Chinese ( through LE contract )

11 Classroom Driver Safety Education - Required for Graduation - Driver Safety will be pre-loaded, but not locked Take the semester before you turn 16 * 1536-4536 are offered for 1 marking period, 4x a week. *F536 and S536 are offered 1st, 2 nd,3rd and 4 th periods for 2x a week for 2 marking periods. These wrap around band and choir.


13 Where is it???? HOW TO FIND THE COURSE SELECTION GUIDE ONLINE There are links on the High School Home Page and through HAC High School Home PageHigh School Home Page “High School Course Guide”

14 How to Select Courses  Go to District Home Page, click on “Students“ and then “Online Portal”. Watch for “Current Messages.”Home Page  Select the link for “Home Access Center” – log in using your State High Credentials  “High School Class Registering Directions” has complete instructions and answers to most questions  Click on “Course Requests” to make course selections  To change “locked” courses, fill out Course Request Change Form and return to counseling office by March 4  To add a Virtual Course – see your counselor to request a registration form

15 LONG TERM CONSIDERATIONS 22.5 Credits Minimum to Graduate From High School Prerequisites for courses in 11 th and 12 th grade Courses offered in alternating years Colleges Have Different Requirements –World Language ? –Math ? –Science ? –Fine Arts ? Requirements For NCAA

16 Community Service You will need to complete 20 hours of community service by the end of your senior year. Make sure you fill out a form each time you complete hours. Turn completed forms into Counseling. Forms can be found in LE, Counseling Offices or online. For more information on sites and opportunities see community service page. community service page. community service page.

17 Graduation Project (GP) Now is the time to start thinking about what you would like to do for a graduation project. You can begin it in 10 th grade and finish it in 11 th or 12 th grade.graduation project Two Ways to Register for a Graduation Project: 1. Enroll in a project course and do a project. GP courses are identified with a cap and diploma in the course selection guide. 2. Make independent arrangements with a teacher/counselor to do a Graduation Project.

18 Transcript Check You have received a copy of your transcript. The grades listed are from the first semester. This transcript is a very important document. It is about you! Make sure that all of your courses are listed and that the grades are correct. If you think there is an error please make corrections and hand it back to your counselor.

19 Upload transcript

20 Planning Ahead Other things to consider: College Admission Requirements Athletes and PIAA requirements & NCAA guidelines Sports Information Testing - PSAT/SAT/ACT Testing Information Exploring future career options Keep a list of all Awards, Activities, etc from 9th-12th grade Sports Information Testing Information Sports Information Testing Information

21 Want to explore other Post Secondary Options or Career Resources ??? Career Planning and College Search Websites User id – scahs pwd – lions Come to the Counseling Office to explore more options!

22 Remember Follow Your Teacher Recommendations. Talk With Your Counselor If You Have More Questions. Talk Over Your Course Selection With Your Parents. You are building your high school transcript which will be used for college, job, military and scholarship opportunities. Get Involved In Clubs, Sports and Activities.

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