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Class of 2016 Sophomore Seminar Thursday, January 30,2014 English Classrooms.

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1 Class of 2016 Sophomore Seminar Thursday, January 30,2014 English Classrooms

2  Ms. Paige Green (A-C)  Mr. Matt Koehler (D-H)  Ms. Brianna Ottinger (I-M)  Ms. Kelly Parker (N-R)  Ms. Dianna Sorensen (S-Z)  Ms. Ada Hall (Gifted) Who is my ORHS Counselor Again?

3  Your HS Transcript  Graduation Requirements (Area of Focus? Summer Recovery?)  Registration and Teacher Recommendations  10 th grade End of Course Exams  What are you going to do after you graduate? - 4 year College/University - 2 year Community College - Technical School - Military (Talk to your recruiters) - Work- Apprenticeships  Your PLAN Interpretation Our Seminar Agenda…

4 You all have until May 2016 to earn 22 Credits: 4 English Credits (one class each year) 4 Math Credits (including Alg2 and one class beyond) 3 Science Credits (include Biology and Physics or Chem.) 2 World Language Credits (of the same language) 1 Fine Arts Credit 3.5 Social Studies Credits (1=US History, 1=World Soc. Std.,.5=Economics,.5=US Government,.5=Personal Finance) 1.5 Wellness Credits (.5=Well A,.5=Well B,.5=additional PE) 3 Focused Elective Credits Graduation Requirements…

5 ORHS offers the following 9 Areas of Focus: 1)Math/Science 2)Humanities 3)Fine Arts 4)Business & Information Technology Academy 5)Arts & Communications Academy 6)Early Childhood Academy 7)Engineering and Welding Academies 8)Health Science Academy 9)Advanced Placement Area of Focus Information…

6  Notify your counselor in the School Counseling Office if you find mistakes on your school transcript.  Pay particularly close attention if you transferred to ORHS after the start of 9 th grade  GPA and Class Rank will be announced in the beginning of your senior year. It is unofficial or unavailable before this time.  Talk to your school counselor with any credit/requirement/graduation questions that you may have – feel free to invite your parents More Transcript Info…

7  What is it and how is it calculated?  Weighted vs. Un-weighted courses?  TN Lottery HOPE Scholarship – GPA/ACT Requirement  What GPA’s mean to colleges… UT-Knoxville: 3.9 Core Weighted GPA average UT-Chattanooga: 2.85 GPA+18ACT or 2.3GPA+21ACT required MTSU: 2.7GPA+19ACT or 3.0GPA or 22ACT required ETSU: 2.3GPA or 19ACT required What’s all the fuss about a GPA?

8  There is a cost  Not all courses are offered  You can only take 2  You might not finish the class  Mandatory daily attendance  AVOID THIS by getting HELP NOW! Talk to your Teachers and go in for Tutoring or meet with your school counselor – we can help with study tips/test strategies Summer Credit Recovery

9 - Take notes now on the 4-Year Plan form provided - What are your graduation requirements - You will need some Teacher Recommendations… English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language and AP Some higher level elective courses (talk to teacher!) -List Alternatives for Elective Courses -Applications are Required for: -Virtual Enterprise (Business teacher) YLDCIP (Ms. Shipley – LC321)Administrative Office Aide (Counselor) - 10 th graders will all register online in the Library Computer Lab during your English Class in February; your teacher will provide you with the specific date. Please be present that day. 11 th Grade Course Registration

10  Are given in May 2014  Possible EOC’s for 10 th graders: English 2, Biology, Chemistry and Algebra 2  These cumulative EXAMS count 25% of your total second semester grade so PLEASE take these very seriously  All specific aspects/requirements regarding final exams for other courses will be determined by the classroom teacher. State of TN - END of COURSE Exams

11 What are you going to do after you graduate?  4 year College/University (Public vs. Private)  2 year Community College (ex. PSCC and RSCC)  Technical School (ex. TN Technology Centers)  Military (Talk to your recruiters, ROTC)  Work/Apprenticeships

12  The PLAN test is Step #2 in the ACT prep sequence. Here are tips for using PLAN results to help prepare for the ACT next year as a junior:  Look for areas of improvement  Look at questions missed  Save test booklet/results – the ACT is similar  Don’t compare scores with other students, use it as a tool to improve your own skills  Remember that scoring a 21 on your ACT is one way to qualify for the TN HOPE (Lottery) Scholarship! $4000 X 4years = $16,000 PLAN – Your Score Report



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