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Navigating High School and Beyond Renton High School.

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1 Navigating High School and Beyond Renton High School

2 School Counselor for Class of 2016  Ms. Kearns Career Center  Mrs. Atkins  Ms. Smith (Work for Credit) Counseling Office  Mrs. Pappas-Stallman-Counseling Assistant  Mr. Wheeler-Counseling Assistant  Ms. McCray-Registrar  Ms. Bala-Native American Advisor

3  Academics: credits, graduation planning, grades, schedules  Career/College: recommendation letters, finding the right college or career, etc. (utilize Career Center for college presentations, scholarships and more)  Personal/Social: family issues, friendship/relationship issues, emotional needs, therapist referrals, and more

4  Before school, after school, and during lunch you may drop in  Before school, after school, and during lunch you may sign up to be called down during class (pink sign-up sheet)  You may NOT come down during class to sign up  Emergencies only: first tell a teacher or security guard, come to counseling office

5  Course and college planning  PSAT/SAT/ACT  Graduation vs college requirements  Extracurricular  Activity

6  Plan for 10 th grade  Know your graduation requirements  Challenge yourself in class and out of class  Utilize Navigation 101  Start a calendar with important dates and deadlines  Check grades regularly  Get involved!

7  GPA/Grades  Course rigor/honors & AP or IB  Extracurricular activities  Test Scores  Community service

8  Colleges care!  Make a meaningful contribution to something  Maintain a long-term commitment  Managing your time and priorities  Maintaining a balance  “We’re looking for a commitment to and a passion for an activity outside of the academic setting—we are looking for depth rather than breadth.”

9 High School CoursesH.S. Graduation4-year college admissions/minimum Language Arts4 years Social Studies3 years Math3 years3 years (Algebra 3-4) Science2 years2 years (lab science) Occupational Ed.1.5 years not required Fine Arts1 year Health/PE2 years (.5 Health/1.5 PE) not required World Language not required 2 years Electives6 credits

10 Every sophomore will take the PSAT for free this year!  Receive feedback on your academic strengths and weaknesses on skills necessary for college study.  See how your scores compare to your peers.  Enter the competition for scholarships from NMSC (grade 11).  Prepare for the SAT.  Receive information from colleges when you check "yes" to Student Search Service.

11 ACT  Measures academic achievement  English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing  No penalty for guessing SAT  Measures reasoning skills  Writing, Math, Critical Reading  Scores adjusted for guessing

12 A HSPE/EOC Exams: Reading, Math, Science Math Credit: Algebra 1-2, Geometry B HSPE/EOC Exams: Math, Science, Writing Math Credit: Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Algebra 3-4 C HSPE/EOC Exams: Reading Writing, Math, Science Math Credit: Algebra 1-2, Geometry, 2 nd Alg course D HSPE/EOC Exams: Reading, Writing, Math Math Credit: Any two math classes

13  Transcripts/Credits  State Tests  CP  Future Plans  Copy to parents  Don’t wait for Blitz—keep track on your own regularly!

14  Sign up on the RED clipboard in the counseling office—official is generally for college apps, unofficial is for everything else  Come back a day or two later to pick it up—if your name has a checkmark, it has been printed and is waiting for you


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