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Health Education By Dr. Hamda Qotba, B.Med.Sc, M.D, ABCM.

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1 Health Education By Dr. Hamda Qotba, B.Med.Sc, M.D, ABCM

2 2004Dr.Hamda Qotba2 What is Health Education??? Process that informs, motivates, and helps people to adopt and maintain healthy practices and life styles.

3 2004Dr.Hamda Qotba3 Objectives Informing people Motivating people Guiding into action S K A

4 2004Dr.Hamda Qotba4 Approach to public health Regulatory approach Service approach Educational approach

5 2004Dr.Hamda Qotba5 New ideas and practices Awareness Interest Evaluation Trial Adoption

6 2004Dr.Hamda Qotba6 Principles Interest Participation Known to unknown Comprehension Reinforcement Motivation Learning by doing Soil, seed, sower Good human relation Leaders

7 2004Dr.Hamda Qotba7 Communication Communicator Message Audience Channels of communication

8 2004Dr.Hamda Qotba8 Communication barriers Physiological Difficulties in hearing, expression Psychological Emotional disturbance Environmental Noise, invisibility Cultural Knowledge, custom, believe, religion

9 2004Dr.Hamda Qotba9 Practice of health education Individual and family Education to general public T.V Radio Press Films Health magazine Posters Health exhibition Health museum Mass media is less effective in changing human behavior

10 2004Dr.Hamda Qotba10 Group health education Lectures Film and charts Group discussion Panel discussion Symposium Workshop Institute Role playing Demonstration Programmed instruction Stimulation and exercise

11 2004Dr.Hamda Qotba11

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