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Principles of Health Education

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1 Principles of Health Education
Credibility Interest Participation Motivation Comprehension Reinforcement Learning by doing Known to unknown

2 Setting an example Good human relations Feedback headers

3 Health education with group
A. before discussion Decide topic and collect 7 Prepare list of members (20-25) Meet members individually Fix date time and place for discussion and brief about discussion Make necessary physical arrangement Hold meeting for two hours maximum

4 2. At the discussion Welcome and introduce Explain purpose of discussion Help group to elect a recorder Help chairman to initiate discussion Use appropriate AV aids and clarify doubts

5 C. After discussion Follow up the actions decided by the group Ensure health facilities are provided

6 Group Dynamics Group dynamics deals with the interactions and forces between group members in a social institution. Human beings exhibit some characteristic behavior patterns in groups

7 Criteria for a group include
Formal social structure Face to face interaction Two or more persons Common fate Common goal Interdependence

8 Process of group dynamics
Group formation A group is able to share experience, to provide feedback, to pool ideas to generate insight and provide an arena for analysis of experiences. The group provides a measure of support and reassurance. Participation the following factors affect members participation The content or task of the group Psychological atmosphere Physical atmosphere Familiarity

9 2. Communication It includes spoken, unspoken, verbal and non verbal, explicit and implied message that are conveyed and exchanged related to information and ideas and feelings. It helps in: Clarification of doubts and misconceptions Both parties understanding each other Receiving and giving of feedback

10 3. Problem solving An effective problem solving procedure would be helpful in Clearly define the problem Try to thoroughly explore and understand the cause behind the problem Collect additional information, to analize the problem further Group should suspend criticism and judgement and combine each other’s ideas or add on improvements.

11 4. Leadership Involves focusing the efforts of people towards a common goal and to enable them to work together as one. The selected member may provide leadership with respect to achieving the goal while a different individual may be providing in maintaining the group as a group

12 Communicating health messages
Health messages or health information can be communicated through many channels to increase awareness and access. Knowledge of different population about various issues, products and behavior channels might include interpersonal communication, or mass media communication, brochures leaflets or posters.

13 Methods and media for communicating health massages
One way or Didactic Method Lecture Extensively practiced and widely used method Lecture should not exceed more than 20 minutes It should be complete with the fundamental facts and information The lecture should arouse interest in people

14 2. two way or Socratic method
A. Group Discussion very useful when there is a common topic of interest Role of group leader is influential in group discussion. Group leader initiates discussion, extends the debate, control the discussion Whole proceedings are recorded by the recorder, at the end conclusion. The number of members in a group may be from 6-20 This method includes panel discussion, workshop, symposium, role playing, demonstration and simulation

15 Importance of AV aids in health education
Objectives of health education can be achieved through AV aids, these are extensively used in modern era of education AV aids can motivate the learner for thinking The interest of student is maintained and complexity of the subject can end. Education is imparted through AV aids is of a permanent nature

16 Media for communicating health messages
Auditory aids Visual aids Combined

17 Using mass media for communicating health messages
Media used for health education on a large number of individuals. To change the health behavior of individuals on an extensive scale Mass media should make communication speedy Should be easily available and with in reach of persons Should encourage participation by individual The method should be according to local culture Method should be useful to each and every people

18 Mass media are one way communication
Mass media are one way communication. They are useful in transmitting messages to people even in remote places Television Radio Internet Newspapers Printed material Direct mailing Folk media

19 THANK YOU a n y q u e s t i o n s?

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