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Highly Targeted and Effective Micro Cap Investor Relations Firm Introducing Targeted IR.

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1 Highly Targeted and Effective Micro Cap Investor Relations Firm Introducing Targeted IR

2 Who We Are Our team has had many years of success helping hundreds of small to medium cap companies achieve their marketing objectives. Our focus is to assist companies raise their profiles to the investment community and generate qualified investor leads.

3 What We Do A national investor relations (IR) firm that provides targeted and comprehensive IR services to small and medium sized public companies. Highly targeted, unique approach Educating prospective investors about the company it represents Provides easy, cost effective solutions

4 Get Results  Increase your company’s current shareholder base, investor interest and internet presence  Increase market capitalization as a result of increased shareholder base  Increase liquidity and trade volume for your stock  Provide cutting edge corporate communications and IR services to your newly expanded shareholder base  Prime your company for strategic acquisitions  Capture opportunity for internal financing

5 +63% Campaign Start Date: May 29, 2008 Campaign End Date: June 30, 2008 Actual Client Results Stock Start Price: $8.44 $13.83 During Campaign: $11.32 After Campaign: Northern Oil and Gas (NOG)

6 Services We Offer  Profiled on our expansive and effective Targeted IR Network  Front page coverage and an exclusive one page profile on TIR Network portals     Mini profile coverage on all of our hundreds of TIR Network targeted micro sites  Receive a “surge” of advertising on Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter Targeted IR Express

7 Services We Offer  Adds traditional IR elements to TIR Express  Choose to combine the coverage on the Targeted IR with:  TIR Written Newsletter – sent to double opt-in email list on day and time of your choosing  TIR Written Press Release – sent to the Associated Press and other top US newspapers and media outlets as well as 10 industry and 5 regional news feeds  Fully Customized Pay-Per-Click Campaign – TIR sets up ads and choose keywords Targeted IR Total

8 Master Investor Database Provides members new and exciting investment opportunities.  Investors that are aware of the events that exist within the Small to Mid-sized Cap market that are always interested in new places to invest  The database is broken down into highly targeted sub directories: Green Investors, Oil and Energy, Precious Metals, Biotech, Real Estate, etc. Example: Investor TypeFile Size Green Investors167,232 Technology151,290 Precious Metals145,928 Scott Tucker 866-753-3597

9 Campaigns for IR Companies Internet Marketing Campaigns Company Profile on Penny Stock Portals, 3,000+ unique visitors daily, 100k monthly PPC Advertising Surge to Company Profile, searches related to your sector Fine Tuning of Company Internet Identity, Website Redesign, SEO and Press Releases Verified success of past clients, volume, and share price increases within a week Awareness Success Promotion

10 Network We use hundreds of targeted micro websites to reach the internet using key words Use propriety internet software to create and manage large amounts of data Focus on unique, more focused key words in addition to popular ones Targeted Micro Sites Micro Cap Education Sites Focus the company message exclusively on micro cap stock investing profiles Professional sites reflect Professional investing visitors Give a perfect first impression by putting your profile in only the highest quality environments

11 Build an Internet Presence Internet Identity Campaign Complete Website Redesign Clean-up of Internet Search Results Small-cap IR Overhaul Focus High Impact, High Quality Design Search Engine Optimization “Investor Relations” page with Company Profile Higher Google page rank New Logo – as necessary Quality Impact Design

12 Build an Internet Presence Investor Reviews Investment Opportunity Low quality website will create investor doubt and drop the stock value TargetedIR will design a website that is consistent with the value of your company Investors Will See a Valuable Investment Opportunity When investors see a high quality website, they won’t doubt the value of the company

13 Public Equity Services Shell Capital Investment Program Intermediary agent between ‘publicly traded shells’ and private companies looking to go public through a reverse merger Reverse mergers allow an alternative option to raise financing, making acquisitions or building liquidity for its current shareholders Professional, cost effective, streamlined means to become publicly traded

14 Go Public Advantages of Being Publicly Traded Mergers and Acquisitions Higher Valuations Capital Formation Incentives Benchmark Trading Price Reduced Risk Reduced Business Requirements Reduced Dilution Reduced Underwriter Requirements Liquidity Prestige Increased Personal Wealth

15 Scott Tucker 866.753.3597 Contact Us

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