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Facial Massage Peggy McLemore.

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1 Facial Massage Peggy McLemore

2 Objective: The student will be able to identify and describe methods of massage and beneficial results from facial treatments

3 Massage Definition Arabic word
scientific method of manipulations of the body rubbing, pinching, tapping, kneading or stroking hands, fingers, or instrument Arabic word “massa” meaning “to touch “ or “ to stroke”

4 Massage dates back to Greeks , to cure aliments most relaxing service
separate service or part of a treatment massage keeps the skin smooth fresh muscles firm enhances facial beauty

5 Qualifications of a cosmetologist
Quiet temperament self control tactfulness Soft hands smooth beveled nails wrists & fingers should be flexible palms should be firm, warm, dry

6 Massage areas applied upon skin scalp face, neck, shoulders
upper chest and neck hands and arms feet and legs

7 Caution: Postpone massage if conditions are present:
Do not massage if conditions are present: -high blood pressure -inflamed and swollen joints Postpone massage if conditions are present: -skin abrasions, diseased skin -broke capillaries , bruised redness, swelling pus, such as pustules (pimples) papules (hardened red elevation) and acne.


9 Appliances for massage:
Therapeutic lamps dermal lights infra-red lamp High frequency current Facial steamers Heating cap for scalp massage Vibrators

10 Frequency of massage Depends on what factor: Normal skin and scalp
condition of scalp age of patron condition to be treated Normal skin and scalp once a week

Amount of pressure Direction of movement Duration of each type manipulation

12 Massage Direction of massage movement should be from muscle insertion toward its origin. The end of a muscle that is attached to a bone or tissue is the origin. The other end of a muscle (attached to another muscle or to a moveable bone or joint) is the insertion.

13 Basic massage manipulations
Effleurage (stroking) light, continuous movement NO pressure relaxing, soothing stroking or circular motion used on face, neck, arms

14 Basic massage manipulations
Petrissage (kneading) light or heavy kneading, rolling, and squeezing of muscles used on face, arms, shoulders, and upper back. pressure is light, but firm deep stimulation of muscles

15 Basic massage manipulations
Tapotement or Percussion tapping, slapping, and hacking movements CAUTION: limit hacking movements to arm, back, and shoulder increases blood circulation stimulates nerves promotes muscle contraction arms, back, shoulders gives the most stimulating effect

16 Basic massage manipulations
Friction (deep rubbing) influences circulation and glandular activity of the skin light circular friction movements chucking, rolling, and wringing are forms friction used on scalp, arms, hands face , neck

17 Basic massage manipulations
Vibration (shaking) rapid shaking of arms while balls of fingertips press on point of application highly stimulating movement use vibration sparingly never apply vibration over a few seconds

18 Beneficial results nourishes skin reduces fat cells
skin is made soft and pliable increases blood circulation causes blood vessels to dilate and increases blood supply to skin stimulates activity of skin glands

19 Beneficial results stimulates and strengthens muscle fiber
stronger muscle tone fewer wrinkles reduction of adipose tissue adipose tissue in subcutaneous layer firmer texture soothes and rests nerves normalizes metabolism & keratinization

20 Beneficial results sometimes relieves pain in tense muscles
relieves body tension strengthens weak muscle tissue relieves emotional stress

21 Conclusion We have learned today qualifications of a cosmetologist
massage areas appliances and frequency of massage basic massage manipulations beneficial results

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