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Welcome to the See how Housecleaning Business Manager will tame your business… Demonstration © 2007 Housecleaning Business Manager™ All Rights Reserved.

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1 Welcome to the See how Housecleaning Business Manager will tame your business… Demonstration © 2007 Housecleaning Business Manager™ All Rights Reserved Just Click your mouse anywhere on the screen! Front Cover Housecleaning Business Manager ™

2 Click anywhere to start the demonstration Cover 2 HBM (Housecleaning Business Manager) will: Simplify day-to-day operations Stop scheduling errors Provide tools to improve your marketing campaigns Provide tools to control inventory Provide tools to better communicate with your customers Stop payroll errors Increase your profits Improve customer service Save money Save time – more than you can imagine! Speed up day-to-day operations

3 Manage Schedules: Clients Teams Your Company 1. Customer Information

4 Locate an existing customer in a fraction of a second! Add new customers and edit pertinent customer information easily. 1a. Customer Form

5 Track which marketing programs are getting you business! 1b. Customer Form Referral Source

6 Create an Estimate Sheet in an instant… with the client on the phone! 1c. Customer Form Pg 2 Estimate Add special instructions and details about each job.

7 One-click Estimate Sheet to take to Customer In-Home Estimate. 1d. Estimate Sheet

8 Track Additional Work like polishing silver, cleaning ovens… 1e. Customer Form Additional Work

9 …washing windows. Money for extra jobs is automatically tracked and added to payroll. 1f. Additional Work

10 Change Customer Schedules with one click! It’s easy to skip a visit or assign a different team temporarily. 2. Customer Form Customer Schedules

11 Just one click creates a Daily or Weekly Schedule… 3a. Schedules

12 …for one team or all your teams for any day! News of the Day is important one-time information for your workers and ensures great customer service! 3b. Daily Schedule

13 The Daily Work Schedule gives each team all customer and job information necessary to perform each cleaning assignment correctly. 4. Daily Work Schedule Report

14 Look into the future with a Weekly Schedule. Determine time available for a team or a new client…weeks or months in advance. Easy-to-use Areas help you to schedule efficiently. 5. Weekly Schedule Report

15 All Customer Activity accessed from one screen! Your clients’ schedule, past visits, payments, balances, check numbers, future visits and complaints… at your fingertips! 6. Customer Activity

16 Create Daily Gross Receipts with a few keystrokes! 7. Daily Gross Receipts

17 Completed Jobs and Additional Work are automatically distributed to the cleaners… making payroll a snap! Curser is ready to enter a check number. A couple of keystrokes and the payment is posted! 8. Post Payment Track Additional Work

18 HBM makes payroll easy! 9a. Daily Personnel

19 Enter Payroll Comments for personnel. Whether you pay by a percent of the job or by the hour, HBM distributes income automatically. 9b. Personnel

20 Pay workers by the job or by the hour. Optionally pay drivers by the job or by the mile. It’s easy to guarantee that each employee earns minimum wage. 10. Personnel (Individual)

21 11a. Supply Reorder Report HBM reminds you to reorder inventory… After a few postings, reports create themselves!

22 …and helps with the reordering process. 11b. Supply Reorder Report

23 Report on supply usage by a team or teams in a given time period. 12a. Supply Expense

24 Track the quantity of cleaning supplies utilized by each team. 12b. Supply Expense Report

25 Find out which marketing programs are working best! 13. Reports

26 14. Referral Sources This report details income from customers vs. the cost of the marketing campaign that brought the customer to you.

27 15a. Weekly Income by Team Just select the report you want: Weekly Income by Team Weekly Gross by Associate Weekly / YTD Income – All Teams Weekly / YTD Gross Income – All Associates

28 15b. Weekly Income by Team Report Then create a Weekly Income report by team…

29 16. Weekly Gross by Associate …or by Associate -- for the week or YTD… all at your fingertips!

30 17. Gross Payroll You have all income and complaint information for all workers at the touch of a tab.

31 18a. Daily Receipts Create reports for Daily Receipts for any given day, week or month…

32 18b. Weekly Gross by Associate …and you can use the report as a deposit slip for your bank.

33 19. Invoice Customer Bill your customers in advance, in arrears or at the time of the cleaning…

34 20. Customer Invoice..and send your customers a bill with a simple click!

35 21. Customer Complaints Run Customer Complaints Reports by associate, by team or by customer.

36 22. Export Customer Info HBM can also export customer label info and data for Mail Merge!

37 © 2007 Housecleaning Business Manager™ All Rights Reserved Back Cover Thank you for trying Housecleaning Business Manager ™ HBM was developed for you by housecleaning industry pioneer Jeff Campbell. His 25+ years experience as owner and operator of San Francisco’s largest and busiest housecleaning service allowed the development of software with a comprehensive understanding of what your housecleaning company needs to succeed. HBM has the features and benefits necessary to allow you to reach your potential and the success you deserve. HBM is the best software and the best value available. Jeff Campbell’s Clean Team has provided the highest quality goods and services for the lowest prices with the best guarantee anywhere to the housecleaning industry for more than 25 years. Visit 60-day free trial Backed by a company with more than 25 years experience in the housecleaning industry We have shown you some of the capabilities of HBM. There are many more, and many additional reports that are standard with HBM.

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