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Marriage Relationships Chapter 6. Links /middle-class-couples-sign-prenuptial-agreements- 11764996

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1 Marriage Relationships Chapter 6

2 Links /middle-class-couples-sign-prenuptial-agreements- 11764996 /middle-class-couples-sign-prenuptial-agreements- 11764996

3 What is prenuptial agreement? – Who tend to get prenuptial agreements? – Thoughts? Advantages and disadvantages? – Would you consider a marriage contract, or prenuptial agreement?

4 Do you think that some people get married for all the wrong reasons? What are they?

5 Reasons to Re-consider Age Length of courtship Abuse Differences On and Off Parental disapproval Low Sexual satisfaction

6 Individual Motivations for Marriage Why do people get married? What is the greatest expected benefit of marriage in the United States?

7 Love Personal Fulfillment Companionship Parenthood Economic Security – What are the social functions of marriage? Why does marriage even exist? Individual Motivations for Marriage

8 The primary function of marriage is to bind a male and female together who will reproduce, raise their young and socialize them to be productive members of society. Additional functions: – regulate sexual behavior – stabilize adult personalities by providing a companion Societal Functions of Marriage

9 Traditional vs. Egalitarian Marriages

10 The wedding is a rite of passage Weddings reflect traditional cultural definitions of women as property Weddings can create conflict Weddings have become commercialized events that often reflect a couples values and beliefs Marriage as a Rite of Passage

11 What do you think are the most difficult changes to cope with when getting married? – Both positive and negative – What are some good strategies of coping with these changes? Discussion

12 Each spouse becomes part owner of what the other earns in income and accumulates in property. Legal Changes after Marriage

13 The married person begins adopting values and behaviors consistent with the married role including: – Changes in how money is spent. – Discovering that one’s mate is different from one’s date. – A loss of freedom. Personal Changes after Marriage

14 Parents, In-laws, and Friendship Changes – Parents are likely to be more accepting of the partner following the wedding. – Less time will be spent with friends because of the new role demands as a spouse. Changes after Marriage

15 Experience loss of freedom Feeling more responsibility Missing alone time Change in how money is spent Discovering that one’s mate is different from one’s date Sexual changes Power changes Marital changes

16 Studying Marital Relationships Marital Success is measured in terms of marital stability and marital happiness – Stability=time spent together (years) – Happiness=Emotionality More difficult to measure-Subjective ***Research: All marital relationships are a process. Many end while other are sustained. Researchers attempt to study what characteristics are common among both happy, stable relationships and those that are unhappy and often end in divorce.

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