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Marriage Fact and Fiction.

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1 Marriage Fact and Fiction

2 What is Marriage For?

3 What is Marriage For? It is the central institution of the family.
organizes kinship establishes family identities regulates sexual behavior attaches fathers to their offspring supports childrearing channels the flow of economic resources and mutual caregiving between generations

4 What is Marriage For? It plays an important role in establishing the social, economic and emotional bonds between husband and wife parents and children the family and the larger community

5 What is Marriage For? It dictates responsibilities and binding obligations for its members. It shapes family identity and creates an environment that allows intimacy and a sense of belonging

6 What is Marriage For? It enjoys social approval and public recognition
It gives positive social status and a new identity to men and women

7 What is Marriage For? It is good for children
More than any other family arrangement, marriage reliably connects dads with their kids fathers to the mothers of their children

8 Top 10 Myths of Marriage Benefits men more than women
men and women benefit equally from marriage men gain greater health women gain financially Having children increases marital happiness first child can drive parents apart couples with children have a lower divorce rate

9 Top 10 Myths of Marriage Keys to success - good luck and romance
takes more than good luck and love takes commitment and companionship More educated women don’t marry change from the past today, college graduates are more likely to marry than their non-college peers

10 Top 10 Myths of Marriage Couples who live together before marriage have better relationships they have a far higher chance of breaking up People can’t be expected to stay in a marriage for a lifetime - we live longer lives today people are marrying later, so the amount of years married is roughly the same half of all divorces take place within the first seven years of marriage

11 Top 10 Myths of Marriage Marrying puts a woman at greater risk of domestic violence unmarried women (especially those who cohabit) are at a much higher risk Men have more invested in their wive’s wellbeing than boyfriends Married people have less satisfying sex actually, married people have sex more often and they find it more satisfying, both physically and emotionally

12 Top 10 Myths of Marriage Cohabitation is just like marriage, but “without the piece of paper” cohabitation does not bring the benefits of marriage couples are less committed Because of the high divorce rate, people who stay married have happier marriages than people did in the past significantly more work-related stress significantly more marital conflict

13 10 Facts About Marriage Marrying as a teenager is the highest known factor for divorce. The most likely way to find a future spouse is through an introduction by family or friends

14 10 Facts About Marriage The more similar people are in their values, backgrounds, and life goals, the more likely they are to have a successful marriage Women have a significantly higher chance of marrying if they do not have a baby out of wedlock

15 10 Facts About Marriage College educated people are more likely to marry and LESS likely to divorce than people with lower levels of education Cohabitation is not useful for having a better marriage

16 10 Facts About Marriage Marriage helps people have more money
married men earn % MORE than their unmarried counterparts men work harder after marriage Married couples have better sex

17 10 Facts About Marriage Children from divorced homes are less likely to marry and more likely to divorce For large portions of the American population, the risk of divorce is far below 50%

18 Declining Marriage Rates in America

19 Percentage of Spouses Who Said Their Marriages Were “Very Happy”

20 Divorce Trends in America

21 In the West, marriage is a child-rearing institution
It is becoming more important than: race class neighborhood in determining a child’s future

22 Benefits to Children Children from intact families are far LESS likely to be poor experience economic insecurity have behavioral problems have school attendance problems engage in early sexual activity

23 Benefits to Children Children from intact families are far MORE likely to stay in school attain higher levels of education avoid unwed teen parenthood have more satisfying dating relationships have a more positive attitude towards marriage have longer lasting marriages

24 Benefits to Adults Married people are LESS likely to
take moral or mortal risks attempt or commit suicide

25 Benefits to Adults Married people are MORE likely to
have better health habits receive more regular health care cope well with major life crises severe illness job loss needs of sick children or aging parents

26 Benefits to Men Better health habits and greater longevity (longer life) Earn more money Strengthens the bonds between fathers and their children

27 Benefits to Women Financial gain Better sex lives
Makes them happier mothers

28 Benefits to Society Marriage… is a childrearing institution
produces wealth promotes pro-social behavior

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