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The Paragraph Sandwich

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1 The Paragraph Sandwich

2 The Topic Sentence A topic sentence tells you what the paragraph is about. It introduces the main idea of the paragraph

3 Supporting Sentences Think about the ingredients you add to a sandwich to make it taste delicious. The supporting details are the details you add to a paragraph to make it awesome!

4 Closing Sentence The closing sentence is the last sentence of the paragraph. It relates to the topic sentence. The concluding sentence sums up the paragraph or gives a closing thought to bring the paragraph to a clear end.

5 It holds everything together!
Why do you think the bread is an important part of the sandwich? Let’s brainstorm…… It holds everything together!

6 It makes it taste better and adds variety and flavor.
Why do we add things like meat, cheese and vegetables to our sandwiches? It makes it taste better and adds variety and flavor.

7 Now write your paragraph!!
What is your favorite time of year? Now write your paragraph!! 1) Write your topic sentence first. 2) Next, write 2 or 3 detail sentences. Details Topic Sentence 3) Finally, write a closing sentence. Concluding sentence Why is Harry Potter the best series ever written?

8 Great Job! Now enjoy that sandwich!

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