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Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay Writing essays or themes requires the author to follow a predictable format.

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1 Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay Writing essays or themes requires the author to follow a predictable format.

2 The Completed Essay Four identifiable parts Title Introductory Paragraph Body or Detail Paragraphs (3+) Concluding Paragraph

3 The Working Essay The author will be similar to a chef creating a delicious Italian grinder. First – find the recipe and gather ingredients (brainstorming and pre-writing) Second – create the filling (the body paragraphs) Third – prepare the bun (intro and conclusion) Lastly – garnish the dish (title)

4 1a. The Recipe Find the topic = Renaissance Narrow the topic = People places, inventions, and ideas helped make the Renaissance flourish in the countries of Western Europe.

5 1b. The Ingredients Through outlining or webbing, the organization of the essay is found. In our case, the graphic organizers or webs made of five European countries will be used. Your job will be to choose three of the five countries we studied.

6 One Secret Ingredient To receive a grade of an “A” For each of the three countries chosen, students must research a new person, invention, or idea that has not been mentioned in the textbook. Add this new addition to the graphic organizer IN RED INK. Be sure to add the important details about this person to the graphic organizer. Use movie notes or Google. Be sure the dates match the Renaissance period. (roughly from 1300 – 1600)

7 2. Let the writing begin. Excellent essays are written by authors who understand writing is powerful when written OUT OF ORDER. Most authors of excellent essays write the body paragraphs first, then the introduction, then the conclusion, and finally the title. These parts are rearranged for the final essay

8 One Word of Caution Authors who write with knowledge and maturity tell facts and information. They NEVER tell strategy! How do you reveal strategy? In this essay, I will write about…. In this paragraph you will read about… This essay / paragraph is about… The most immature writing example: I hope you enjoyed my essay about the Renaissance. / Thank you for reading my … / Now you know about… / The words “I, me, or my” should not be used in this essay!

9 2. Body paragraph #1 What country would be a good place to start? Now look at your web and decide what people, inventions, or ideas need to be included in this paragraph. Star them on your graphic organizer. You want to choose three or four strong examples that help the Renaissance to flourish in this country. Remember the secret ingredient in your three or four choices.

10 2. Body Paragraph #1 has three parts. Topic sentence Detail sentences Clincher sentence

11 2. The topic sentence Is usually the first sentence Introduces the main idea Sometimes introduces the details

12 2. Types of topic sentences General topic sentence Clueing topic sentence Specific topic sentence

13 2. General Topic Sentence Names the main idea of the paragraph in an interesting way Example: The Renaissance flourished in Italy which is where the Renaissance began.

14 2. Clueing Topic Sentence Names the main idea Gives a clue about the details Examples: The Renaissance flourished in Italy because of several people. The Renaissance flourished in Italy thanks to the contributions of three people. The Renaissance, which began in Italy, was deeply influenced by the work of artists and architects.

15 2. Specific Topic Sentence Names the main idea Names the specific details to be covered in order Example: The Renaissance flourished in Italy thanks to the artist Leonardo de Vinci, the artist Michelangelo, and the architect Filippo Brunelleschi.

16 Write Choose what type of topic sentence you want for this first body paragraph, and write it. Remember this sentence is the first in the paragraph so it will be indented. The detail sentences and the clincher will also be part of this first body paragraph.

17 2. Detail Sentences Name 1-3 main ideas Should give reader interesting information about the details Should contain related info. Be in logical order Includes transition words if new detail

18 2. Transitions One example / Another example / A further example / For example / For instance / Still another / In addition / Additionally / One / Another / A further / The last First / Second / Third / Last

19 2. Detail sentences Lead off Leads into a new detail Contains a transition Follow-up Provides more info. about the detail

20 Write Add on to the topic sentence you wrote for this paragraph by adding on the three or four details.

21 2. Clincher Sentence Last sentence in the paragraph Closes the paragraph Renames the main idea of the paragraph Sometimes summarizes or names the details Different from the topic sentence May use concluding transition words that tell the reader the paragraph is finished

22 2. General Clincher Sentence Only summarizes the main idea Example:As you can see, some of the most famous people of history were found in Renaissance Italy.

23 2.Clueing Clincher Sentence Names the main idea Ties the details together with a clue word Example:To sum up, these three people truly added to the ideas of the Renaissance in Spain.

24 2. Specific Clincher Sentence Names the main idea Names the specific details that were covered in the paragraph in order Example:To summarize, the important people who influenced the Renaissance in Italy were Leonardo de Vinci, Michelangelo, and Brunelleschi.

25 Write Complete the first body paragraph by adding the clincher sentence. Your rough draft sentences created in class should now be word processed and saved. A student editor will check your paragraph First – for revisions Second – for editing You lose points if your paragraph is not ready for a student editor!

26 Student Editor Topic Sentence – What kind? 3-4 ideas in 3-8 Detail Sentences – Editor will write down the three or four ideas and count the detail sentences. Clincher – What kind? Transitions – How many? Does the paragraph make sense? Does the paragraph flow? Does the writing show maturity? Are the sentences constructed correctly?


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