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English Language Arts 7 Paragraphs “The Writing Process”

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1 English Language Arts 7 Paragraphs “The Writing Process”

2 Agenda for the Day 1. Writing for purpose: Why do we write? 2. The Writing Process. What you need to check for when submitting a written assignment. 3. Constructing a Paragraph 4. Any questions before we begin?

3 Purpose ExplainInstructDescribe Tell a story (Narrative)

4 When might you use each? Examples!

5 Issues - Not enough detail to support the topic - Not having a clear theme statement to let the reader know what your writing is about. It should clearly deal with the topic you have been assigned - Organizing your thoughts into a logical sequence - Structural problems: sentence structure, paragraphs, conventions - Lack of proofreading!!

6 Paragraphs Are your building block to any type of writing Is a group of sentences that develops a main idea The beginning of a new paragraph signals that a new idea will be introduced Good paragraphs have three main parts: 1. Main Idea: this can be clearly expressed in a topic sentence, which can appear anywhere in the paragraph.

7 Continue… 2. Supporting Sentences: explain the main idea of the paragraph. They use related details or examples to expand on the idea presented. 3. Closing Sentence: A good closing reinforces the main idea! It can add something new, and leave the reader with a manageable chunk of information to think about.

8 RAFTS What is this pre-writing strategy?

9 Continue… Good paragraphs have: OrderUnityCoherence

10 Let’s Practice… Some possibilities are: -heroes are sometimes ordinary people -heroes are sometimes built up beyond who they really are -heroes can sometimes disappoint their fans -heroes are hard to find -heroes are in our own families

11 What’s Coming Up? Any questions??

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