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The Facts about this Infection!

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1 The Facts about this Infection!
Meningitis The Facts about this Infection!

2 What is Meningitis? Meningitis________________________________________________________________________. Caused by viral or bacterial infection Viral Meningitis is _______________________________________ __________. _______________________ can be quite severe and may result in brain damage, hearing loss, or learning disabilities Important for bacterial- one should know which type of bacterial is causing meningitis....some _______________ can prevent some type from spreading and infecting other people. 1990s type b influenza (Hib) was the leading cause of bacterial meningitis. The Hib vaccine is given to all children as part of their immunization routine.

3 Risk Factors of Meningitis
_______ - Viral meningitis occur in children younger than age 5 Bacterial meningitis most commonly occurs _________________________________. Community Setting: this infection spreads quickly in large groups such as ______________________________________________________________________________________________________.

4 Risk Factors of Meningitis
______________ - increased risk of _______________, which this bacteria can also cause meningitis. ________________________ - dairy farmers, ranchers, or others who work with domestic animals have an increased risk of listeriosis which can cause meningitis ____________________________-diseases, medications and surgical procedure can increase the risk of meningitis

5 Signs and Symptoms of Meningitis
Common Symptoms over the age of 2 years old _______________________________________________________. Can develop over several hours or take up to _____________________. Other symptoms: ____________________________________________________________________________________. Newborns/infants- common symptoms are high fever, headache, neck stiffness, may appear slow, inactive, vomiting, irritable, or be feeding poorly. At any age, _______________________________________________________.

6 How is Bacterial Meningitis diagnosed?
Early diagnosis is very important If symptoms occur, ____________________________________________________. Diagnosis is made by retrieving growing bacterial from a sample of _____________________. By performing a spinal tap, spinal fluid is obtained through a needle The needle is ___________________________________________________________________________.

7 Other Testing Procedures
Other Cultures- _________________________________________________________________________. _______________- test that uses magnetic waves to take pictures of structures of inside of body (to clarify that inflammation is not some other cause such as a tumor CT Scan- __________________________________________________________________________.

8 Can Bacterial Meningitis Be Treated?
______________________ Treatment should be started early on Most common types of bacterial meningitis should reduce ________________________________________________________________.

9 Is Bacterial Meningitis Contagious?

10 Is Bacterial Meningitis Contagious?
Sometimes, the bacteria that causes meningitis have spread to other who have had close contact with a person or patient of meningitis. Examples :_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________. People who are close contacts should receive _______________________________________________________________________.

11 Precautions

12 Are there vaccines against Bacterial Meningitis?
Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends vaccination of all individuals aged _______________ for routine vaccinations One dose of the ______________ meningococcal conjugate vaccine know as Menactra ___________ years old receive one dose MCV4

13 Continued…. ___________________________________________________________________________________________. Adults over age of ________________ are recommended the vaccine MPSV4 (meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine known as Menomune)

14 What is Viral Meningitis?
Inflammation of the membranes “meninges” that cover the brain and spinal cord. Viral infections are _______________________________________. ________________________ are second common cause of meningitis Other uncommon causes of meningitis: _______, __________, and _____________________________________.

15 Viral Meningitis- Serious Disease???
Viral “aseptic” meningitis is a serious, but not usually fatal with people with healthy immune systems. Symptoms _________________________________________________________________ Often bacterial and viral meningitis symptoms are the same If you think your child or you has meningitis, please seek medical help ASAP

16 What causes viral meningitis?
Most cases in U.S. are documented in the _________________________ and are caused by enteroviruses. Most people that are infected with enteroviruses have no symptoms or they get _____________________________________. Small percentage of people who are infected with enterovirus infections will develop meningitis.

17 What causes viral meningitis?
Other viral infections can lead to mumps: Epstein-Barr (Mono), _________________, Chickenpox, _____________, Measles, and _______________. _________________- mosquitoes and other insects spread can lead to viral meningitis infections. Choriomeningitis Virus- ________________________________________.

18 Sign and Symptoms of Viral Meningitis
Symptoms can appear quickly or take several days to appear Infections can show up after cold, diarrhea, runny nose, vomiting or other symptoms Common in infants: ________________________________________________________________. Common in older children and adults: high fever, severe headache, ______________, sensitivity to bright light, sleepiness or trouble waking up, nausea, vomitting, and __________________________.

19 Diagnosis of Viral Meningitis
Laboratory tests __________________________. Test will reveal if patient is infected with the virus or bacterium May be difficult to reveal exact virus... since symptoms are similar in viral and bacteria forms. Viral is ______________________________. Important to have their spinal fluid tested Patients may have to stay in hospital if weaken immune system or severe cases.

20 Treatment of Viral Meningitis
_________________________________ Patient recovery time usually within ___________. Antibiotics do not help viral infections Recommendations from doctors: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

21 How does the Virus Spread?
Different viruses spread in different ways Enteroviruses are most common- spread through direct contact with an infected person’s stool. Virus can spread through children that are _________________________________. Virus could be spread _________________________________________________________

22 Continued Spread of Viral Infections
Virus can also spread through direct or indirect contact with respiratory system such as saliva, _____________, or nasal mucus of infected individual. Examples: ____________, shaking hands of infected person, touching object of infected person or rubbing nose of mouth after you touched same object Viruses can stay on surfaces _______________________________________. Also spread through air through droplets from a person’s cough or sneeze

23 Timeline Incubation Period
Between ________________ for enteroviruses Person is contagious from ___________________________________ until the time they disappear. ____________________________________ with low immune systems may spread infection even after symptoms disappear.

24 What happens if I am around an infected person with viral
You may be at risk for being infected with viral meningitis Small chance of actually developing meningitis as an illness

25 Reducing Chances of Contacting Viruses That Cause

26 Reducing Chances of Contacting Viruses That Cause

27 Prevention Continued Prevention Bacterial Meningitis- Hib, MMR, Polio Vaccines Hib Vaccine protects against _____________ (lung infection) and __________________ (severe throat infection) _________________ or Menomune vaccine since 1981

28 Prevention Continued MCV4 or Menactra since 2005
Vaccines do not prevent against all disease , but ___________________________________. Two Pneumococcal Vaccines- Pvc7 Vaccine (Prevnar) since 2000 used in children under the age of 2 years old. PPV23 (Pneumovax

29 Non-Infectious Meningitis
Type of meningitis that can not be spread from person to person Can be caused by ________________________________________________________________________.

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