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How To Build A Website That Sells Something (…and get it set up in 3 hours) Will

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1 How To Build A Website That Sells Something (…and get it set up in 3 hours) Will Ward @willward1

2 Why should you listen to me?

3 My Online Businesses:

4 About This Class: This is a test. This is a business class, not a web design class This is a 35,000 foot overview Money is attracted to speed Don’t get bogged down with technology. If you’re stuck: 1) Google it 2) Ask in a forum 3) Hire someone to fix it (I’ll show you where later)

5 Types of Selling Sites Single Product eCommerce: Multi-product eCommerce: Professional Service: Lead Generation (sales happen off-site):

6 The Big Idea: Creating a selling website is something you can do in a matter of hours, for less than $200 The Bigger Catch: Because making a site is easy, you have to work much harder to stand out

7 Today, you’ll learn how to: Part II: Build Your Site Domain name Install Wordpress Find and install a theme Customize theme Integrate Paypal Get more Wordpress help Q&A Part I: Create Your Strategy Free Legal Advice in DC Target Market Measuring Demand Creating USP Your Offer Q&A Part III: Promote Your Site SEO Other platforms Paid traffic More resources Q&A Drinks?

8 Part I: Strategy

9 I’m Not A Lawyer! You can get free small business legal advice through the DC Bar Association Email and ask to join the small business mailing

10 Key Strategy #1 Ultra Specific Target Market Who (two qualifier method)Who Why (holiday gift, travel, life stage)Why Psychographics (tribes)Psychographics Behavior (past customers or opt-ins)

11 Key Strategy #2 Measuring Online Demand With Google Keyword Planner

12 Key Strategy #3 Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) 1)Buy this product for this specific benefit 2)This positioning is unique in the market 3)Strong enough to attract the right customers

13 Examples of USPs “Fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes – or it’s free” “15 minutes could save you 15% on your car insurance” USPs on the internet: killer-unique-selling-propositions-on-the- web killer-unique-selling-propositions-on-the- web

14 Key Strategy #4 The Mouthwatering Offer 1) You give me $X, I’ll give you Y 2) Bonus / Free extras? 3) Guarantee / Risk Reversal 4) Call to Action “Here’s exactly what to do next…”

15 10 Minute Power Break: Write Down: 1) Target market 2) Version 1 of your USP 3) 5 keyword ideas 4) Your about page: 5 sentences. Your story. Your product’s story. Your physical location. How to contact you

16 Part II: Build Your Site

17 The Minimum Costs Involved: Domain Name: Cost: ~$15 per year Web Host: stores your website, sends it to visitors, provides email Cost : ~$60 per year and up Wordpress Theme: software that controls the look and feel of your site Cost: free up to $200+) Paypal: Allows you to accept credit card and other payments Cost: ~3% of your sales and monthly fee for advanced features

18 Step 1: Pick Your Domain Name Use keywords you researched in Strategy phase Easy to remember and spell See what’s available related to your keywords at:

19 Step 2: Hosting and Wordpress Install A. Hosting Options Hostmonster (lower end)Hostmonster WP Engine (higher end)WP Engine B. Content Management System Wordpress (Free, open source)Wordpress C. Log-on to your new site!!! D. Configure your email (we will skip this step here)

20 Step 3: Install Themes & Plugins Themes: The look and feel of your site WooThemes Theme Forest Plugins: Extend Wordpress functions Woo Commerce Wordpress SEO, BackupWordpress SEO

21 Step 4: Configure Your Site About Page => Home page Quick and Dirty Logo Gravitar 2 products Products to front page [?] Currency & payment config

22 Getting Help With Wordpress Cheap logos Basic technical questions Customizing your theme Integrating credit card processing Making your site faster (caching)

23 Part III: Promote Your Site

24 80/20 SEO for eCommerce Have a lot of content Unique content: Do not copy anyone else’s (or your own if you can avoid it) text Target 1 keyword per page with the Wordpress SEO plugin Get links from other well-established sites

25 Steal the Traffic of Other Sites Ebay store => email list => your site Etsy store => email list => your site Amazon => email list => your site In person => email list => your site YouTube videos => your site Pinterest postings => your site Guest post on popular blogs => your site

26 Paid Traffic (advanced) Google Adwords Google product listing ads Google retargeting and Facebook ads Amazon product feeds Banner ads

27 Here’s What To Do Next: Go home and put up a crappy version 1.0 of your site Commit to working on it for 30 days Get 5 products listed Get a compelling story on your “About” page Build 5 links to your site from other sites

28 Get these slides and videos at: Q & A

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