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Inventions Make an Impact

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1 Inventions Make an Impact
SS5H3.b Describe the impact on American life of the Wright brothers (flight), George Washington Carver (science), Alexander Graham Bell (communication), and Thomas Edison (electricity).

2 Flight Who? The Wright Brothers

3 The Wright Brothers One day, when Orville and Wilbur Wright were boys, their father returned from a trip with a gift that would help change their lives--and history--forever. The toy was a helicopter, made of cork, bamboo, and paper. It was powered by a rubber band.

4 The Wright Brothers What? The airplane
The toy helicopter thrilled Orville, age 7, and Wilbur, age 11. They began to build and fly copies of it. And although their attempts to build much larger models failed, their interest in flight had begun. As adults their interest continued and after a successful glider test, the Wrights built and tested a full-size glider. What? The airplane

5 The Wright Brothers Where? Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
They selected Kitty Hawk, North Carolina as their test site because of its wind, sand, hilly terrain and remote location. Where? Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

6 The Wright Brothers When? December 17, 1903
Their 12-second flight on December 17, 1903 from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, forever changed the world. When? December 17, 1903

7 Science Who? George Washington Carver

8 George Washington Carver
Taught farmers to rotate crops to help put nutrients back in the depleted soil. What? More than 300 products from peanuts and sweet potatoes

9 George Washington Carver
Born a slave in Diamond Grove, Missouri. Developed a love for plants while working in a small garden. Attended college in Iowa. Became the Director of Agriculture at Tuskegee University in Alabama. Where? Tuskegee University, Alabama

10 George Washington Carver
When? Early 1900s

11 Communications Who? Alexander Graham Bell

12 Alexander Graham Bell Invented an electrical speech machine.
What? telephone

13 Alexander Graham Bell Where? Massachusetts When? 1876 Born in Scotland
His father taught deaf people how to speak using a code. Became a professor at Boston University in Massachusetts where he founded a school for deaf mutes. Invented telephone in 1876. Where? Massachusetts When? 1876

14 Electricity Who? Thomas Edison

15 Thomas Edison Granted more than 1,000 patents Inventions include first light bulb, electrical generating system, phonograph, and moving picture camera What? Electricity, light bulb, phonograph, moving picture camera

16 Thomas Edison Where? New York, New Jersey
He built a laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. It was here with his employees he made many of his inventions. Edison led America into the age of electricity and changed the world forever. The light bulb was a better and safer way to light up a dark room or street. In 1882, New York City was the first city to be lit up by electric power. Where? New York, New Jersey

17 Thomas Edison 1877 phonograph 1879 light bulb
1880 electrical generating system 1894 moving picture camera When? 1870s – early 1900s

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