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THE DIVINERS BY: LIBBA BRAY Book Report by: Jillian.H.

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1 THE DIVINERS BY: LIBBA BRAY Book Report by: Jillian.H

2 CHARACTERS  Evie O’Neill: Seventeen-year-old Evie is a small brown haired girl. She is a reckless, break the rules kind of girl. She does not care what others think of her. Through out the book you see that she has a sensitive side when it comes to protecting the people she loves. In the first couple pages of the book you learn that she has a secret power, she can see your darkest secrets when one touch of something personally connected to you. Evie and her best friends ( Theta Knight and Mabel Rose) always have some kind of scheme going on, some are more wild than others. Overall Evie is a interesting character to read about. She and Theta Knight have a similar personality when it comes to adventure.  Will O’Neill: He is a sort of strict man. He is very interested in the history of ancient magic. Later in the book you see a personality change in him. In the book Evie calls him ”Unc”. He has some of the same quality's as a principle would  Jericho Jones: He is a strange, quiet man. He is extremely tall. During the book you learn his most deepest secrets, it happens to be one of the most shocking ones that you don’t see coming. Evie O’Neill Jericho Jones

3 CHARACTERS  Theta Knight: She is a dance the night away showgirl. Everyone finds her gorgeous. You can always find her in some kind of night club with her lover, Henry. Her one flaw is her crazy past.  Sam Lloyd: He is a dazzling robber who as a way to get to a ladies heart. He has a habit of pickpocketing the less lucky ladies. You find out in the book the secret of his that the ladies fall for. He would be considered as a “player” in modern time.  Mabel Rose: A sweet and cute mommy's girl. She always wonders what a good girl should do when Evie and Theta suggests some crazy idea. Her heart seems to already been given away to a special someone.  Memphis Campbell: Seventeen-year-old Memphis is a helpful kind of guy. The one thing he loves more than his brother Isaiah, is sitting in a graveyard and writing poems in his book. In the book his brother gets sick after loosing his parents he does not want to also loose his brother, but he starts questioning whether his brother is sick or is it something else? Theta Knight Memphis Campbell

4 PLOT  Once you find out about Evie and story and you have seen some of New York City, Will gets called out to investigate a murder by an old policeman friend. Evie decides she wants to see a murder scene and goes along. They head down to the ocean and see a body of a young girls that is covered in ancient symbols. The police ask if Will can do some research on the symbols because of his love for ancient magic, he agrees. After a lot of research they find that the symbols are meant to say something, the message they send is extremely clear, more awful things.

5 SOLUTION  After a dangerous and adventure, they find away to make create light even though the world is dark at the time. The solution will make life happy again and let people live life normally again. The only flaw is that the cost could be huge.

6 SETTING  The Diviners is placed in New York City, 1926 when New York City was a lot smaller than it is now. The book starts in Zenith, Manhattan a small town where everyone knows everyone. In the book it takes you from the nice sunny shopping area, to the old and rotting side street. You also get a little feel of the windy, ocean. You get to visit the fresh small town and farming area outside of New York City. The not so nice place is a burned down village that was fled a long time ago. New York City, 1926

7 WHY I LOVED THE DIVINERS  I loved The Diviners because it was a great story line. There was never a part where I felt like the book was slow paced. I enjoyed how it was written in the 1920’s because it was cool to read about how life was like during the 1920’s. I liked it also because the books had a bit of everything in it, action, fiction, history and yes even a little bit of romance. If you are looking for a book that you want to always want to read more of, you defiantly need to read The Diviners.

8 LIBBA BRAY  Libba Bray is a great writer. She has a great way of hooking the reader in the first chapter, making it difficult to put the book down. She has a way with words that makes the sentences sound fluent. Also she writes about the 1900’s so you are reading about what life was like back when life was different than how it is now. The Diviners is my second favorite book of her, the first being A Great and Terrible Beauty. I would defiantly suggest reading all of her books.

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