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Legend By Marie Lu Power Point Presentation By: Rose Price.

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1 Legend By Marie Lu Power Point Presentation By: Rose Price

2 The Setting A place that used to be the Californian Coast. There is no more “United States Of America” The Republic is constantly at war with the Colonies It is set far in the future Constant flooding of their land Post Apocalyptic

3 Main Character: June She has black hair, dark golden eyes and is considered beautiful. Strong, confident, and brave. Agile, intelligent, tough, and a bit of a trouble maker. Is loyal to the Republic. Self assured and level headed. Is fifteen years old. Is a rich, high society girl.

4 Main Character: Day He has bright blonde hair, blue eyes, and is consider handsome. Brave, clever, and quick witted. The Republics most wanted criminal. Agile, strong, and fast. Hates the Republic. Street smart. Resilient. Is fifteen years old Is a poor boy who lives in the slums

5 Supporting Character: Tess She is an orphan, and is like a sister to Day. She is 13 Nearsighted Depends solely on Day to survive. Is quite the little nurse. Day met her when she was 10 Quiet, shy, and suspicious toward everyone.

6 Supporting Character: Metias Junes older brother A military captain for the Republic. Provider of June ever since their parents died. Kind, brave, and not prejudice. Looks a lot like June. Over protective of June.

7 The Books Conflict The books main conflict was that when Day killed June’s brother Metias, she was devastated. Sadness and despair made her pledge to kill Day for he was a criminal already and she was out for the blood of her brother’s murderer. But in a twisted turn of events they end up falling in love and June and Day have to reconsider everything they thought they already knew. Together they discover a secret that will change everything as they know it and along with the help of Tess and the Patriots may just end up helping everyone turn against the colonies.

8 Moral of the story What I learned from this story was that things are never as they seem. That being confused is okay, and it might help you make greater discoveries, than if everything seems crystal clear. Also that sometimes you can’t even trust what you have known all your life. And that you might even end up trusting someone that you thought you hated.

9 Recommend It? Yes I would defiantly recommend this to my peers because it kept me guessing the whole book which is not an easy thing to do. It is a classic story of love and loss set in a not so classic setting. The post apocalyptic world has never looked brighter than it does now, with its future in the hands of the hero’s June and Day. I can see why it was an award nominated book, so yes I would vote for it as one of my favorites.

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