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Blogger, author freelance writer public speaker and more.

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1 Blogger, author freelance writer public speaker and more

2 Luck is where opportunity meets preparation

3 Freelance Writing Odesk Yakezie Forums ProBlogger jobs board Contact newspapers, magazines, websites

4 Freelance Writing Find out who to contact Keep it short and simple Don’t send your article with your first email Don’t use a spammy headline

5 Blog To Book Top 5 posts in sidebar About page Be easy to contact Be active on social media

6 Publishers Want To Know… Overview and 1 – 2 chapters Blog statistics – PR, Alexa, Facebook, twitter, newsletter, RSS What networks you belong too What books is yours similar too. Why is it needed/better/different? Target market for your book

7 Blog To Book Advances and Royalties New author advance: $2,000 - $6,000 Established authors: $15,000+ New author royalty: 10 – 15% Established author: up to 40%

8 Contract Do not sign a contract with “All published rights “ Check legal rights and issues so you don’t pay for a law suit

9 Book Promotion Book launch in a book store/restaurant etc. Blog tour Giveaway copies Talk in libraries Podcasts Interviews

10 Sponsorship Start early Get your blog in order Speak at the conference Get a media kit

11 Sponsorship Potential sponsors: Businesses you have worked with before Other bloggers Businesses you like Local businesses etc.

12 Sponsorship What can you offer? Announcement post + giveaway A link to their site in every post you write about the conference Guarantee that those posts will be linked to in post conference link- ups A sidebar banner ad for 3, 6, 12 months etc. A set number of mentions across your social media A link in your newsletter for the duration of the sponsorship Use of brand products at the conference such as pens, notepads, tote bags etc The brand mentioned on the back of your business card

13 Sponsorship How To Pitch Go for marketing over PR Find the exact person to speak to Short email (1 – 2 paragraphs) or phone call Power point presentation (optional) Follow up with a thank you, a review and potentially secure continued sponsorship

14 Public speaking Blog Conferences Other conferences Local workshops and events Presentations at libraries Local schools County

15 Your own events Conferences Seminars Webinars Workshops Coaching Bootcamp

16 Market Yourself Create a page on your blog, list everything you do and prices Link to any freelance articles Photos of you speaking + links to events Sponsorship outline

17 Market Yourself Local media Local libraries

18 Finding Time You will never “find the time”, you need to MAKE the time! Stop watching TV Limit non essential internet Set time to relax Commit Stop multi tasking

19 Extra Help Media kit example to download Sample letters to send to editors, sponsors etc Sponsorship outline example Blog To Book eBook Links to freelance writing websites Links to anything I have mentioned in my presentation

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