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Integrated Hospital Management System. Integrated Hospital Management System software is user-friendly software. The main objectives of the system is.

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1 Integrated Hospital Management System

2 Integrated Hospital Management System software is user-friendly software. The main objectives of the system is which shows and helps you to collect most of the information about Hospitality and Medical Services The system is very simple in design and to implement. The system requires very low system resources and the system will work in almost all configurations. The main objectives of the proposed system can be enumerated as follows:  Patients are easily allocated to the doctors.  Doctors Search is possible.  Today’s patient list help doctors to search their patients CONTEXT DIAGRAM OBJECTIVES

3 Modules Patient’s Module Inventory Module Pharmacy Module Administration Module Doctor’s Module Patient Appointment, Scheduling & OPD System Blood Bank Billing Module Treatment Module

4 Our project Integrated Hospital Management System includes registration of patients, storing their details into the system and also computerized billing in the pharmacy and labs. Our software has the facility to give a unique id for every patient and stores the details of every patient and the staff automatically. It includes a search facility to know the current status of each room. User can search availability of a doctor and the details of a patient using the id. The Integrated Hospital Management System can be entered using a username and password. It is accessible either by an administrator or receptionist. Only they can add data into the database. The data can be retrieved easily. The interface is very user-friendly. The data are well protected for personal use and makes the data processing very fast. About The Project This Project will capture the following module level details: Doctor’s Module Patient’s Module Treatment Module Inventory Module Pharmaceutical Modules Billing Module Emergency Services Module Accounts Module Laundry Module HR Module Reports Module Kitchen Module Master Administration Module

5  Captures patients particulars, payment plan, pre admission clinical and allergy information and admit a patient.  Reservation and transfer booking can be viewed from the system in real time  Stores and prints patient data on bar-code labels and ID cards.  Provides real-time data on bed status and occupancy within the hospital.  Can organize spaces, categories of accommodation and pricing  Optimize in-patient accommodation by an optional rescheduling feature based on peak periods, Information on bed use  Covers emergency cases, new born admission, bed transfer and bed swapping  Used to discharge in-patient, also final diagnosis can be added. Patient’s Module This system provides registration of In-patient, advance booking of beds, surgery & other facilities in the hospital. It automates ADT activities in the In-patient and Critical-care units.

6 Billing Module This module covers extensively the complete billing functions involved from the date and time of admission of a patient till discharge from the hospital for the various facilities provided to the patient by the hospital. This Module facilitates following functions  Order management provides support for user in patient treatment area including nursing station and critical care.  Consultants patient visit entry.  Transfer and Discharge Advice  Calculate bed charges automatically.  Generate Receipt for deposits/advances for amount collected from patients and bill (interim) or bill (final ) for settlement.  Generate Deposits Exhaust List for collection of amount due from each patient on medical expenses incurred by the hospital.  Generation of In-Patient Register, Billing Register, Collections Record, etc.  Facilitates integration with Doctor Accounting and Financial Accounting System

7  Support multiple pharmacies within the same hospital  Support multiple units of measurement  Gives complete control over drug inventory  Control restricted drugs at ordered time and dispensed time and check expired drugs  Supports alternative drugs and barcode labels  Allows the selection of drugs based on drug indication  Support drug to drug and drug to food interaction  Support financial analytical reports Pharmacy Modules Pharmacy is an on-line interactive database system integrated with IHMS, to provide drug inventory management and drug manufacture management. In brief

8 Highlights  Flexibility : IHMS is designed to answer medical, administrative and financial issues, compatible with the magnitude of any hospital  Complies with latest international health standards : IHMS complies with international standards and is designed to operate any health facility raging from local clinics to major hospitals.  Internet – intranet solutions : A complete internet – intranet solutions in accordance with the customer’s specific requirement  Build by object oriented tools with graphic user interface  Integration with smart card : A patients registration and doctor registration with card along with their photos generates from the hospital  A Web based application which is accessible around the world  Multiple security

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